Neil Gray

Rookie (November 5th 1972. / Some hospital I think...can't remember...was very young at the time.)

Neil Gray Poems

1. Too Those Not Forgotten (Part One) 4/4/2006
2. Senecot. 4/4/2006
3. The Refugee 4/5/2006
4. When The Rains Come. 4/5/2006
5. Andy. 4/5/2006
6. I Don'T Do Mornings..... 4/5/2006
7. In Conversation With.... 4/7/2006
8. Too Lose A Friend.... 5/23/2006
9. It's My Own Fault But.... 5/31/2006
10. Insomnia 6/3/2006
11. People Annoy Me. 6/8/2006
12. Rubbish. 10/11/2006
13. Just A Thought. 11/24/2006
14. February 13th. 2/13/2007
15. Poetry's A Strange Thing. 2/22/2008
16. Bad Poetry's A Strange Thing..(Remix) 2/24/2009
17. Window. 6/8/2006
18. Blame It On The Booze. 6/20/2006
19. Cautionary Tale. 6/5/2006
20. Fighter. 4/4/2006
21. In Memory Of Brother Jake. 6/2/2006
22. Goodbye. 5/27/2006
23. Better Days. 4/5/2006
24. Think Before You Speak. 4/18/2006
25. Front. 6/5/2006
26. Music. 6/8/2006
27. It Takes A Brave Man. 6/22/2006
28. Summer. 6/5/2006
29. Stupidity Is No Excuse. 4/7/2006
30. Broken. 4/7/2006
31. Black Coffee, Wednesday Morning. 4/21/2006
32. Fact's Of Life. 6/2/2006
33. Opinions Are Like Assholes. 6/8/2006
34. Everyone's A Critic. 6/22/2006
35. Change In Aspirations. 6/3/2006
36. Hillsborough 4/15/2006
37. God's Foreman. 6/9/2006

Comments about Neil Gray

  • Kate Hamilton (12/28/2006 1:27:00 PM)

    I like.

    I thought that was all that needed to be said but the computer demanded more.

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  • Not Long Left (4/14/2006 7:09:00 AM)

    Not all of Neils poems will appeal to everyone, everyone being those that choose to hide from the truth preffering to deny it. Neil embraces it, the sordid, the scary,
    the leftover ills of broken dreams, the drunkeness, the lonely, and the pained.
    He does this through humour, raw honest words and thoughts and with keen eye
    for detail. I am glad i come across his work.


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Best Poem of Neil Gray

God's Foreman.

Drinking at 3 am
in the
Sacred Heart
and Danny
raise's a toast
to the memory
of his Father.

'To my Da'.
Who taught me
3 things.
Always look further
than you can see,
Never back down
and show the
bastards weakness
and if all else fails
just shout
Up yer Bollocks
at the World.'

I liked his Old Man.

He was one of the last.

A dying breed.

He'd come to this
country in the day's
when the doors
of all the boarding
houses were closed
to his kind.

When the signs still read
'No Irish, No ...

Read the full of God's Foreman.


'Hey Andy' he said
'Why you hiding your face?
Why don't you wanna talk? '

'I'm not Andy' I said.

'Sure you are Andy' he continued
'I'd know you anywhere'