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Life`s a journey
Every journey has beginning and an end
We`re travellers in this journey of life
Our thoughts direct ways in the journey

Diary is a great source of comfort to me
It resembles a mirror to me
I confide everything to it
Even that, I never confide in anyone

This pain too strong
But never ask for cure
There`s none to cure the pain
Nor there will be

My religion is to live for others
cry in pain of others
laugh in happiness of others
Am ready to burn my blood

If my life`s a book
a book full of pages
each pages brings challenges
each pages ends with teachings

This life full of works
works of fame, works of pleasure
works of love, works of pride
Is it right? Is it wrong?

My life shall never go vain
But sooner or later my clothes will
Since it`s born to mix with soil
Rhyming the song of life to all

Its been long time
since i saw you
on shore of the sea
you just left me

The time comes
When your strength fails
your hope fades
And just you see yourself

I know you the traitor
but i love you the most
am none to punish your fault
but someone other

Love you a lot
This love differs from others,
You appear in my heart, though not in eyes
I fear to say love you, though want to say


A smile is a gift of nature
It may be free, but does much.
It seems just motin on face,
But brings happiness to thousands.

Once lived a girl with a smile
now no more in our eyes
But alive in heart of millions
Inspiring us to work for peace

Many comes and many goes
But only few remains
Most mixed to soil
a handfull stays alive

Mother like none others
Nor will be
Can`t be compared with anything
worship mother same worship god

Oh! my lord
thanks for my food
thanks for my care
But am not happy here

I think am in love
Never thought of love
Never known what it refers
dont know what`s that

You the one for whom i exist
teach me to walk on path of life
love to me never comparable
your sacrifice like the rays of sun

Its been long time
i wrote last poem
There was time, had my pen in hand
piece of paper on my heart

Oh my son of my womb
am ashamed to call you my son
i cried each night in dark
when you were in my womb

Neptune Barman Biography

I am 21 years old, I am pursing graduation from Delhi University. I have published many of my poems in Local Newspaper like The Young Planet of The Asaam Tribune, and recently i have published a book too in Amazon- MY POEMS FOR YOU.My two poems are selected to be published in two American Journals-Evergreen Poetry journal and From the heart.One of my Poem-Journey of life has been selected for many abroad projects.I love writing poems it is a medium to express my feelings and how i see the world with my eyes.Hope you will like my poems.I want to travel the world to explore the culture, traditions and human life and express in my writings. For my works related link follow- https: // https: //

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Journey Of Life

Life`s a journey
Every journey has beginning and an end
We`re travellers in this journey of life
Our thoughts direct ways in the journey
This journey full of obstacles
But, need to face happily,
it has great value.
We born here for experience of this journey
This journey consists both positive and negative
It teaches us move forward and fulfill our dreams.
Life`s a journey, an unavoidable journey
Whichever way we want, we travel
And the path, we choose leads us our destiny

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Neptune Barman 22 November 2017

Sir my purpose in writing a poem is to share my experience and the observations in words to the world

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james 20 November 2017

what is your purpose in writing a poem?

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Neptune Barman 18 March 2015

Love your poems.. love you tooooooo

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Neptune Barman Quotes

Dont run after fame, Let fam run after you

Life is like a book each pages brings new challenges and each page turns with few teachings of life, so never hope to get a new thing with out turning a new page of the book

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Neptune Barman Popularity

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