Journey Of Life Poem by Neptune Barman

Journey Of Life

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Life`s a journey
Every journey has beginning and an end
We`re travellers in this journey of life
Our thoughts direct ways in the journey
This journey full of obstacles
But, need to face happily,
it has great value.
We born here for experience of this journey
This journey consists both positive and negative
It teaches us move forward and fulfill our dreams.
Life`s a journey, an unavoidable journey
Whichever way we want, we travel
And the path, we choose leads us our destiny

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: Life
Chinedu Dike 31 March 2015

Very philosophical piece of poetry written with insight. I concur with your conviction that life is a journey fraught with stumbling blocks. A lovely poem indeed. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.

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Neptune Barman 25 October 2016

Thank you sir for your opinion...and i will go through your poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON

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Niki W 06 April 2018

My students are tasked with creating an anthology from the greats like Poe, Dickinson, and Silverstein. In doing his research, one student found this poem and asked if he could use it. At first I told him no; it didn't help him become more educated & familiar with poets he would need to know. He looked deflated because he said it's the poem that he relates to most out of all he has found. I then changed my mind. Congrats on inspiring my student.

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Neptune 26 April 2018

Thank you very much sir for such kind information. Such messages inspires me to write more such poetry. Hope to meet you and your student someday

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S Hayes 25 February 2018

Can you please tell me when this poem was written/published? Thank you! ! !

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Neptune Barman 07 March 2023

i dont remember

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Chinedu Dike 19 February 2018

Poignant philosophical rendition set aside for sober reflection. Beautiful thought provoking poem. Thanks for sharing.

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Neptune Barman 20 February 2018

thank u very much, it matters a lot for me

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Mrinmoy Barman 29 December 2017

Nice bro..

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Himasri Barman 07 February 2017

very beautifully expressed your thoughts and good mentality and good thought is the main reason of the poetry world... go ahead..keep it up your excellent job.....

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Neptune Barman

Neptune Barman

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