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Here For Many

I'm here to confess and drink the beauty of confessions
from that holy cup of heart art,
its source in others.

One Dream

Ta supreme gentillesse,

I've never dreamed DaVinci smile awakened
Of renessaince smile reborn with such kindness

Harmony_ (Haiku)

pale dawn through
rain and birds singing
distinct song

Solitude Update


I've always felt parted, as from the twin
Since the memory begin - that pain

Divine Geography

Dwelling Forms

Set Places

Neran Sati Quotes

18 September 2015

Objectivity is benevolent.

18 September 2015

Kids balloon or nuclear bomb cast a similar shade.

23 October 2015

The poetry shouldn't be something you do, but just you.

23 October 2015

You can't understand what you don't like; the heart opens mind gates for things it loves.

19 November 2015

Virtuality is becoming most potent deceit

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