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I'm here to confess and drink the beauty of confessions
from that holy cup of heart art,
its source in others.

Ta supreme gentillesse,

I've never dreamed DaVinci smile awakened
Of renessaince smile reborn with such kindness


I've always felt parted, as from the twin
Since the memory begin - that pain

Noon pondering, summer inn..
Success to achieve, what does it mean?
Money, fame or sailing over sea?
Zephyr's whisper in my ear

The stream of my heart, how can I keep flowing?
This languor why is it so tiring?
Why I stop when done so little?
Why can't rejoice?

Dwelling Forms

Set Places

There is no greater blessing for a poet
Then squeeze out a beautiful verse
As for toothpaste splash on the fresh brush
Effortlessly, by heaven's dash, or with

Forever screwed by the unaware parents,
That same flaw traversing generations; as
An evergreen broadcast, rarely misses its song -
Disregarding fashion, set where it meant to belong.

Roving to and fro it busy street

Feeling like a pellet of sand

Blow wild wind, wild the blow!

Let thy blasts torn the sea!

And, my friends, chums - Don't waste your time,
Or money on the street, tracking that single coin
Amid inverted pots! For it cunning skill Ain't match
For your eyes - looking for the birds and brides..

You cannot mix clean and dirty water
In the single cup!

Light is light, dust is dust

Writing poetry's like fishing
with either net or hook, and
casting net - though blind -
across it ocean mind.

inspired by the language code
blowin up that surge of evercomin new words
within dilation of time and space of me mind, its anchoring to the
native symbols, when born gifts presented, the brain jars, settling in the parcels of the mind

Like the comet tearing off some sleepy sky
Our encounter beamed the summer-fall

To be bleached by silence

When I part, it'll be November
Last call for the melting sun
And unleashed sleepy shades
Slowly conquering the ground.

The sea was painted metal
Sullen clouds, but looking down
Then mingling shades of grey
Round glowing route to sun.

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Here For Many

I'm here to confess and drink the beauty of confessions
from that holy cup of heart art,
its source in others.

I'm here, for a while to forget ugly moments,
dry encounters or sad mechanics of wealth.

I'm here to overcome the woe of our life and fate,
injustice and misery, that are so hard to mend.

I'm here to comment, not with passion, but ease.
I'm here for all alike.

But, I'm not here to trade those feelings
or to commerce fake or scrutiny.

My friends out of sight, be close to your heart!

Many here provide and enjoy songs of love, pain
or passion; the voice of strivings that are
meant to be or not, their tangled thoughts.

Instead of hand, hug or smile, please, just a little
sign, and duty if you feel, a comment - harsh or not,
instead of inside grin.

Our doing to prosper, done for the joy
and consolation.

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Objectivity is benevolent.

Kids balloon or nuclear bomb cast a similar shade.

The poetry shouldn't be something you do, but just you.

You can't understand what you don't like; the heart opens mind gates for things it loves.

Virtuality is becoming most potent deceit

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Neran Sati Popularity

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