Gold Star - 39,311 Points [NHIEN DUC NGUYEN MD]


521. Looking At You, Kim-Mai, I Thought I Met A Fairy At Annville Paradise 9/22/2016
522. My Love Is Like Pool Water Wrapping Around My Dear Sweet Wife 9/26/2016
523. Philhaven Hospital, Beacon Of Hope 10/3/2016
524. This Saying Gave Me Good Smiles (Haiku) 7/15/2016
525. Kim-Mai, These Flowers Sing My Love Song To You 10/12/2016
526. Parents' Love Is Like Long Mountain Range And Pacific Ocean 11/11/2016
527. A Home Visit Of A Friend - Translationpoem Of NguyễN KhuyếN: BạN ĐếN Chơi Nhà 11/15/2016
528. Singing With The Moon - Translated Poem Of BàNg Bá Lân: TiếNg HáT Trong Trăng 11/17/2016
529. Bittersweet - Translated Poem Of Huy CậN: NgậM NgùI 11/30/2016
530. Your Long Hair Binds Our Loving Hearts Forever, Kim-Mai 12/5/2016
531. Sounds Of Autumn - Translated Poem Of Lưu TrọNg Lư: TiếNg Thu 11/20/2016
532. Autumn Imbibing - Translation Poem Of NguyễN KhuyếN: Thu ẨM 12/12/2016
533. My First Kiss - Translation Poem Of TrầN Dạ Từ 1/21/2017
534. Anniversay Day - To Kim Mai 1/9/2017
535. Please Be Careful As You Jog Along The Roadside 4/20/2017
536. A Boat And The Ocean - Translation Poem Of Xuân QuỳNh: ThuyềN Và BiểN 4/25/2017
537. A Spring Day - Translation Poem Of Anh Thơ: NgàY Xuân 4/11/2017
538. Waves - Translation Poem Of Xuân QuỳNh: SóNg 3/24/2017
539. Dangerous Road Rage 3/31/2017
540. I Made It Today: One Hundred Twenty Laps (Senryu} 8/5/2017
541. Sunrise On A Mulberry Tree 9/16/2017
542. United By Marriage 8/19/2017
543. July Shower 7/28/2017
544. Two Tales Of My Two Neighbors (Senryu) 6/30/2017
545. So Innocent Heart (Senryu) 6/30/2017
546. My Thanks On Father's Day (Senryu) 6/18/2017
547. Slow Walk Through Life - Translation Poem Of Du Tử Lê: BướC ChậM Qua ĐờI 5/24/2017
548. Watching Falling Rain With My Cats 5/15/2017
549. The Loves Of The Mountain And The Water - Translation Poem Of TảN Đà: TìNh Non NướC 5/16/2017
550. Tomorrow Is The Easter Sunday 5/27/2017
551. An Ancient River Pier - Translation Poem Of Anh Thơ: BếN Đò NgàY Xưa 5/5/2017
552. I Have Found My Very Worthy Wife 11/25/2017
553. Being Mesmerized By Music 11/11/2017
554. Congratulation To Julie And John, You Are New Parents (Senryu) 9/25/2017
555. My Sister's Loving Heart Is As Vast As The Ocean 10/9/2017
556. Cats Watched The Afternoon Rain As They Waited For Spring Breeze 3/2/2018
557. A Rare Successful Hunt During Winter 1/31/2018
558. Groundhog Day 2018 2/2/2018
559. Winter Night Rain 2/4/2018
560. Let's Have Good Eagles Time! ! (Senryu) 2/5/2018

Comments about NHIEN NGUYEN MD

  • Poem By Poem By (7/17/2018 2:26:00 AM)

    who are you without the MD?
    i find it a curious mystery!

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  • Nhien Nguyen (5/31/2018 7:39:00 PM)

    Glad you enjoyed my poems. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Nhien

  • Amy Torres (5/31/2018 3:53:00 PM)

    Oh my your poems are wonderful

  • Michael (4/7/2018 10:45:00 AM)

    Would love to see poems of tulip gardens an pictures? Also keep up the good work excellent poems.

  • Nhien Nguyen (5/27/2017 3:56:00 PM)

    Thank you for reading my poems. Your introduction to my poems, has brightened my poetic journey. Insightful comment! Thank you. Nhien

  • Rajnish Manga Rajnish Manga (5/27/2017 12:19:00 PM)

    It is a pleasure to be introduced to the poetry of Nhien Nguyen MD. I have read some of his poems and have been deeply impressed by his style and scope. Thanks.

  • Nhien Nguyen (10/30/2015 8:33:00 PM)

    Thank you for reading this poem. I pray that Philhaven is a shining beacon of hope and God's Grace overflows
    any soul who seeks His Blessings.

  • Tammy Mccarty (10/30/2015 7:20:00 AM)

    Thanks for sharing your poem Philhaven Hill. Philhaven is a special place to find healing from the hurts of this world. May God richly bless your work with so many wounded, hurting people!


Vietnamese Refugee Boat People Forty Years Later

This poem is dedicated to many thousands of boat people
Who perished by the sea
As soon as I woke up this morning
I felt overwhelmed by memories of long ago past.
Many years of war tore my country apart
Million people left their relatives and their country Vietnam.

After losing the war, many people escaped for their lives
With their possessions in their handbags or knapsacks.
They left everything behind hoping to be alive
They were willing to sacrifice for their future lives.

They left their homes when it rained or ...

Read the full of Vietnamese Refugee Boat People Forty Years Later

Princess Ashes

So graceful are Ashes' steps

So gentle are the soft movements of her paws.

Her long grey mix well with her pumpkin brown hairs

Her beautiful puffy tail looks like a squirrel's tail.

She is quite adorable

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