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I'll cry no tears of sympathy,
I'll cry no tears of joy.
For what you've lost,
For what you've gained,

Is life really worth living for,
Is it worth all the pain?
Is it worth all the fear and spite,
The vanity, the shame?

When I'm around you,
I feel like I could fly.
We burst into laughter,
When we catch eachother's eye.

You seem so different than me,
On the outside an the in.
You seem brittle and tough,
Frozen in time.

Here it is again,
It's come at last,
We knew it would in the end,
Like it does every year,

When I dream I take reality,
Then twist it as I like.
Until everything is perfect,
There's no problems, or worries, or strife.

A smile is all it takes,
To make someone's day.
A smile is all it takes,
To throw the stress away.

You seem so quiet,
So peaceful,
So calm.
You smile,

To be brave is not to fierce,
Confident or strong.
You needn't have saved a life,
Nor brandished a sword,


When will you know what I know?
That you're strong, independent and brave.
When will you hear what I hear?
Words of kindness and love that save.

You have the key to my heart,
So open up the door.
I know for sure I love you,
I'm always wanting more.

She was just another dreamer,
Who knew when to reach.
And jump to the heights,
Of all she could be.

You could change this world,
You could make us free.
You could change our fortune,
You could let us be.

Are you oblivious,
To the fact I have a heart too?
Do you even know my name?
It doesn't seem it.

I'm not good at confessions,
At least not speaking out loud.
The words all get jumbled, fragmented,
Until I can't make a sound.

Be still,
Be silent,
And listen.
Listen to the sounds,

Waves smack,
Swallow all around.
Lightning crack,
Not a sound.

People gathered here today,
We need a plan without delay.
We're running out of good ideas,
Does some-one have an answer?

Did you know you're more amazing,
Than every fish in the sea?
Every person on earth,
Every cloud in the sky,

Sometimes I feel invisible,
Like I'm not really there.
I might as well not be here at all,
Who would really care?

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I've never been good at speaking out, telling people what I am truly feeling. When I try to, my words never come out right, and I end up insulting the people I love with words that were intended to make them smile. It's something I'm working on. But, writing has always been the one way I can communicate what's actually in my heart. Each of these poems are confessions of some sort, the reason behind some more obvious than others. I hope you find something in my writing that touches you, I hope that you can find something that helps you. If there is one thing I know about it is learning from your mistakes, but you can learn from others too. I hope you learn from mine.)

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I'Ll Cry No Tears

I'll cry no tears of sympathy,
I'll cry no tears of joy.
For what you've lost,
For what you've gained,
It's impossible to try.
You left behind all you had,
For a life of fortune and fame.
You left me here on my own,
You cheated at the game.
So I'll cry no tears of sympathy,
I'll cry no tears of joy.
For you were my last resort,
It's impossible to cry.

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