A Spirit's Curiousity Poem by Nicholas Spandrel

A Spirit's Curiousity

Rating: 4.0

A spirit wanders the lands
It looks for those who can see
Are there any who can see it
Are there any who hear it
It wishes to be spoken with
Can you feel its energy near
Can you hear its voice
It only wishes for company
It only wants to communicate
Can you feel its cold chill as it comes ever closer
Is it a boy, a girl, a man or that of a lady?
What is its story it wants to share
Who would want to listen
How did it come to be?
The spirit has a story to tell, so please come and see
Its story could be happy, sad, tragic or bad
You never really know til its told
It could be a spirit, it could be a demon or maybe even a Fae
It just wishes for those to know how it came to be
So please one and all come listen to its tale and perhaps ya may learn a truth
Travellers come from near and far to see it and experience its story
Cameras, recorders, psychics and more have come to seek its knowledge
The spirit had finally found its voice

Dr Dillip K Swain 25 April 2021

Cameras, recorders, psychic among others have come to seek its knowledge... great expression. A wonderful poem

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