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1. Glocal Poem 7/10/2009
2. Near Miss 7/10/2009
3. Anamorphosis Of The Fox 7/10/2009
4. Subtropical Lines 7/10/2009
5. Nuga 7/10/2009
6. Words 7/10/2009
7. Apocryphal 7/10/2009
8. A View From Patmos 7/10/2009
9. Makeups 7/10/2009
10. Orpheus In The Third Millennium 7/10/2009
11. A Visitation 7/10/2009
12. The Poem On Slavery 7/10/2009
13. Preventive Censorship 7/10/2009
14. Me Twice 7/10/2009
15. Laocoon 7/10/2009
16. A Beauty 7/10/2009

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A Beauty

When you lower your shoulders
And suddendly refuse
To consent to a description -
For your body is the object

Waiting the whole thing
Comes back to the subject -
some lover sees you naked
as a look has you made;

of wounds no traces,
nothing about the suitable foam
made you about
a smooth marble shadow

but cashmere and lambswool
in the aerial mapping of a wardrobe
and chalk hands shoot arrows
at you. By your cover.

In this bare not to be
the fold will conformity suit
in coldness and warmth
a few words ...

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Anamorphosis Of The Fox

A y, syzygy of the milk, makes the way clear
From an imperfect myrrh to the guardian matron’s teat.
A jade cockade
shuts up the drunk fox aims too high.

By a long longing to such a brief
encounter no moon has a share in
the achieved emptiness. So does the sour
conscious panoply with the saint’s foolishness

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