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I was looking to you
Over the glass in a big hall
You bow to me and smile
It was then that I know

As you fly in yr dream with jasmine
Or dive through the sea with Ariel
I want to tell you a true story
Not the perfect fairy tale

Had you forget the time you knock on my door?
One sweet touch and its wide open
Then we drawn on expected courtesy
I’d serve you the best corner to decorate

If I lived one more life
I would melt by the gentle sight of you
I would believe that your love is true
I would erase my fake intention

I try to say this as clear as the sky
Plain as a tea break at noon
It’s not outrageous thing anyway
Just a simple note of truth

A picture without caption;
Standing lonely on the display
Wishing a warm greet of the passer-by
The time is the only loyal enemy

I was just indecent kid
Trying to grab a handful lesson
Taught to hold on good deeds
Longing to look for nod of approval

“Have you seen a falling star? ”
A stranger asked me eagerly
I shrugged on reply
I know not star could be fall


I was trained to thrilled my destiny and deal with you
Not like many figures who has cursed or blessed
You never be my friend nor stay against me

I live at one of those Grey Clouds
Not really know that I am lifeless

I heard people talking about rainbow,

Is it a crime?
When love find its way home
Far away from what’s written in the name card
Yet it is the perfect place to dwell

Aku berteguh, mengharapkan ini jalan akhirmu
Hingga tak perlu rasa sakit menahun yang hampir karat
Membelengguku dalam ketidakberdayaan semu
Keinginanku berlari darimu hampir terkubur


(Dedicated to Ahmad Shiddiqi)

Drop as the rain
Tickle as the sense


Why do I bother?
When I can’t see your faint smile on the screen
When I can’t spare your ridiculous faith in green
When I can’t share your favorite sun set beam


(Surely dedicated to Rbk team @ Hojeon)

Scattered around dump shadow
With every wish attached

I might be pretend as a gorgeous insect on earth
Wearing many pair of silky socks to trap my prey
I hope I can ease the pain of my own poison
Or even leave a beauty scar of my pointing nail

I see Love holding hand,
Down the selfish street,
The heart beat, the pain remain,
Even the passion shrinks to seize it,

One day
You called it love
You hold it dear
Another day

If you asked me
How much I wanted you
Let you choose
Between this two mask

Yes I am a poet
I can't explain what rainbow is
But I can draw it with letters

Niken Kusuma Wardani Biography

Live & work in Jakarta, have two daughters. Like to reading books & listen to music. My poem is to express my feeling about things.)

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A Bleak Dream

I was looking to you
Over the glass in a big hall
You bow to me and smile
It was then that I know
You held a great ball
In the silence of my sincerity

I drawn at you
Thinking as a fascinated guest
Eager to seize every tickling of the time
Make my pure intention at ease
You step closer and reveal
Every room in yr busy dream
I wonder how to ever leave

I saw her, cast a spell in the mere light
Wrap you and all the nuance with shadow
Captured all the bright scene in a frame
Linger to have a perfect saviour
Melt away with the scent of the rain
Vanish forever in eternal flame

I was looking in it once again
All dismissed and gone
Trying to grab you but myself fade away
Leaving only the scar in the hall
Of the bleak dream
Writing your name, me and her

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Andre Chan 28 October 2009

angel words....., softly paragraphs

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p.a. noushad 11 September 2009

very beautiful imagination, i love your poems

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Niken Kusuma Wardani Quotes

A wish is a selfish note to God

Vanity is a sin Sanity is a pin

Memory is a colorful stain

Smile is better than lipstick

Between reality and fantasy all we got to do is breath

Learn big by being small, live great by being simple

It's not hate that hurt, it's love

I am the happiest woman now because my mother had pay it forward for me

Love is not good to be match with any other thing. Love is good when it stands alone. It sufficient on its own. Once you try to attached love to something it'll become complicated because love will make it outrageous.

First is a lapse, Second is a fool, Third is habit.

Smart people has limited ability, Foolish people has unlimited inability

Hurt is a projection contrary to the image you created about yourself, so it has nothing to do with you because it just imagination

A face is not an image of the soul, it just a casing of the skull

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Niken Kusuma Wardani Popularity

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