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Oh, my husband!
My sweet beloved;
My love for you could not be measured;
Your love is all that I have treasured.

This was my dream;
My dream as a child;
To walk by the river;
Watching the waves caress the banks.

There are no words left to say;
How broken and torn my heart is;
Life seems to just fade away;
Leaving my mind lonely and cold.

Virtue is always mistaken;
But truth shall remain unshaken;
Let hypocrites criticize;
People wise shall realize.

The fallen leaves lay bare and cold;
Monuments of a sad love story;
Withered, brown and crushed they lay;
Waiting for the earth to be their grave;

I woke up in the morning,
With my Lord on my mind,
It is his day of resurrection,
I need to go to Easter mass.


I feel like a bird;
Caged within the walls of fire;
I remember what someone wise said;
Your greatest enemy is your own desire.

As I disembark;
This ship of sorrows;
I look beyond;
The sky of uncertainty.


I am Death;
An exalted truth;
Your ineluctable abode;
And your most loyal companion.

She was always sad;
With imploring eyes;
People thought she was mad;
Since she seemed as cold as ice.

Dear daddy, hear my silent plea;
Dear mommy, do not ruin my childhood glee;
The differences you have could wait;
My days as a child shall not;

Now let me say;
A story of the month of may;
Of a flower that bloomed;
And was very well groomed.

I close my eyes;
To the cruel surprise;
I run away;
'You are mad! ', they say.

The demons in my mind whisper
Die die die
Your mind is the spawn of the devil
And heart, the deepest abyss

Wither not, O beautiful rose
The winds of sorrow shall pass away soon
Wither not, O beautiful rose
The desert rains shall water your roots

I knew how it felt;
When the breeze fluttered;
And how my mind quivered;
Being in love for the first time.

Behind the curtain of her eyes;
I see a tear lingering deep inside;
She silently whispers but goes unheard;
And sighs in agony seeing none beside.

My baby, I wish;
You could open your eyes;
And see the pain;
Behind your Mamma's tired eyes.

Solitude is bliss;
Still, why do I miss?
The time that was sweet;
Like a wonderful treat.

The trees have shed their tears,
And the lakes are clad in snow,
But the blue light of the moon glows;
Brighter than never before.

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A software engineer by profession and a poet by passion. I completed Btech from College of engineering Thalassery. I love traveling and learning about new cultures. Reading has always been my " best friend" and an insatiable passion.)

The Best Poem Of Nikhila Churia

My Husband

Oh, my husband!
My sweet beloved;
My love for you could not be measured;
Your love is all that I have treasured.

You give me hope;
When I lay low;
You keep me warm;
In the cruel winter snow;
You hold me tight;
As my tears flow;
You give my life;
A precious glow.

Your kind smile and warm gestures;
Your humbleness and sweet forgiveness;
Your patience and virtuous nature;
Make me the luckiest wife ever.

You held my arms;
When I stumbled in the dark;
You wept my tears;
When I cried out aloud;
You kept me alive;
When I slowly withered;
You brightened my life;
Like a mighty wizard.

Oh my husband;
My sweet beloved;
For you, I shall live this life and the next;
And all the lives to come ahead.

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