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When I am dead,
Don’t feel sad,

I won’t write for you! !

I’ll write for the birds and I’ll write for the trees,
I’ll write for the winds and I’ll write for the seas,

Lonely Hearts & Starry Nights! !

Lonely hearts and Starry nights,
Part of everyone's life,

I thought of some eloquent lines,
To convey my feelings,
And make her mine,
But now I realize,

Dream! !

Dream! Dream! Dream!
Life is like a flowing stream,

You are not song,
That someone can sing,

Let's get along,
And sing a song,

I don't need a hand to hold in despair,
And I don't need a rocking chair,
For I have learned to forsake the pain,
And let the blood be washed way by monsoon rain,

It has happened all over again,
Hundreds have been left dead,
On the day when the pink city was painted red,
The innocent have fallen prey again,

How do I tell you,
How much it pains,
To walk alone in the rains,
And to see your tears,

Its hard to find the lines,
To write about you,
And all the special times,
There can be no words to truly say,

She is the one!

I love someone,
And I know she is the one,

Its strange but true,
That however hard i try,
Whatever i do,
I may never be able to prove,

No matter how far the bird goes,
Or how high it flies,
One day it shall be grounded,
And one day it shall die,

When the cold winds blow.
And the rivers gently flow,
It is walking within my shadows,

Rays of sun define my shadows,
As I walk along this lonely meadow,
Walking in solitude away from the crowd,
I hear the voices in my heart, cry out loud,


I am Wandering in the dark,
Searching for the spark,


It’s such a strange game,
Such a strange art,
Stones feel like roses,
Roses, petals of her heart,

We have sailed many a storm
And fought many turbulent weather
But now I have no strength to hold the mast
Or will to guard the ship past

Be normal,
She said
And I wonder what she meant,
Isn't it normal to love someone,

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I write because I enjoy....please feel free to dropp me a case you dropp by!)

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When I Am Dead!

When I am dead,
Don’t feel sad,
Don’t cry in the bed,
Just laugh at the moments we had,
Don’t weep on my grave,
Be a little brave,
And cherish those memories you have,
Walk in the rain and live again,
See the stars and find me there,
Enjoy the moon and face the sun,
And remember me as your special one!

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Bhavesh Devgan 09 May 2007

Mind Blowing! ! ! Dude... u r an awesome writer... These r too Good to start with.. just add some endurance by making the poems more longer..... Get Going!

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Anil Mishra 09 May 2007

Good work Nikunj! ! Keep up writing like this! ! ! ! I am sure you will have lots of moments to cherish! ! Your writing skill has let me to suggest you that please make it as your profession and give us pleasure to read your peoms quite often! ! ! !

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Mamta Parikh 20 March 2007

Are dear its really cool........ u r writing really nice.......just write like this and touch the sky because u know sky is the limit..........and i assure u will do that....GOOD LUCK!

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Bhumika Parikh 20 March 2007

good peoms...u write rally well.. i never knew u can write so well.. great..

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