Nim Lee

Nim Lee Poems

1. Alone In Eden 11/30/2010
2. Dancing On Water 12/2/2010
3. I Want To Cry 12/2/2010
4. It Is Not Fair 12/2/2010
5. Now, And Then 12/2/2010
6. The Birds 12/2/2010
7. The Red Flowers 12/2/2010
8. The Sea 12/2/2010
9. Time Again 12/2/2010
10. As It Should Be 12/2/2010
11. I Can Talk 12/2/2010
12. Lament 12/2/2010
13. Silver 12/2/2010
14. The Bulls 12/2/2010
15. Element 12/2/2010
16. Volcano: Earth And Fire 12/2/2010
17. To Watermama 12/2/2010
18. Aleacia Globe-Warner 12/2/2010
19. Ndyukerman 12/2/2010
20. Mackaima 12/2/2010
21. The Happy Man In The Chinese Restaurant: Part 2 You Need Money For Love 12/2/2010
22. The Happy Man In The Chinese Restaurant: Part 3 The Spider Smiled 12/2/2010
23. Early Morning Journey 12/2/2010
24. That's Alright 12/2/2010
25. Death Came Knocking 12/2/2010
26. The Happy Man In The Chinese Restaurant: Part 1 No Bills To Pay 12/2/2010
27. Dog Eat Dog 12/2/2010
28. Sky: Air And Water 12/2/2010
Best Poem of Nim Lee

Sky: Air And Water

The wide blue yonder
above our head
seen but never reached
a pattern of air and water
the impossible dream
a trigger of imagination
the reach we can never grasp.
Is this a heaven?
Nothing lives there but our longings, our hopes
it’s a cold place
where each of us goes alone,
limitless, apparently,
unsubstantial, indeterminate.

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I Want To Cry

I want to cry
I want to shout to yell to scream to howl
I want to fling my arms out to tear at my hair to beat my breast
to fall to the ground and kick my heels into mother earth
To flop about like a fish on the muddy ground
Ripping and soiling my clothes
Throwing myself about wildly madly

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