Nimmy.K Alilakuzhyil

Nimmy.K Alilakuzhyil Poems

1. An Elegy (A Corpse Tale) 12/31/2009
2. Genius 12/31/2009
3. Alone 12/31/2009
4. Sentinel Of My Life 12/31/2009
5. Be My Friend Forever.............. 12/31/2009
6. Blood On Dance Floor 1/31/2011
7. Magical Danseur 1/31/2011
8. Prayer 1/31/2011
9. Bohemian Boy 1/31/2011
10. Lost Infancy 1/31/2011
11. Religion 2/28/2011
12. Lost Love 12/31/2009
13. Yuletide 12/31/2009
14. Thousand Miles 12/31/2009
15. Angel From Heaven 12/31/2009
16. Unconditional Love 12/31/2009
17. Meetng With Destiny 5/4/2011
18. Woman 4/21/2011
19. Magic Of You 12/31/2009
20. Mirror Of Soul 2/28/2011
Best Poem of Nimmy.K Alilakuzhyil

Mirror Of Soul

In you

I saw the face of God

Though you neither my

Warrior nor my savior

But only my soulful companion.

You walked to my field of vision

Draping pure white tunic

Stepping from mystic abyss of reverie

Silently looking at me

With sheer speculation.

When first glint of you

Shoot shockwaves to my psyche

Hands trembled and body shivered

Bewildered and shuddered I was

As the poignant moment pass by.

When moments of oblivion

Turned to days of hallucination

I visited garden of...

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Unconditional Love

Marbled golden scriptures pronounce
Love thy neighbor as thyself
And I wonder why thee chose it
To be foremost of all virtues
But then I realize
To love my neighbor as myself
Lay the hardest part
Though you believe
You love yourself the most

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