Nisha Butterflydreams Poems

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Love Is Painful...

Love is painful, an emotion immeasurable,
It inflicts tortures deepest to the core,
Yet a heart as delicate as a petal,
Can do nothing, just cherish, wish, and hope,

Angels Anticipations (Narrative, Imaginative)

Alone, under clouded skies and darkness;
An angel awaits her knight in gloom,
Her cloak of white laced, tinsels sparkle;
To the silvery outlined puffed up moon.

Love Felt By A Touch

Have you felt, your heart beat?
A little faster than its peak..
When you faced your secret flame..
Your lips trembled lusciously tough to speak.

Embraced By Endurance

There’s too much to endure in silence
Or harbor in deep remorse
Your developing interest elsewhere
Rocked my boat off its coast

Echoing Whispers And Silent Tears

Echoing whispers and silent tears
These emotions you so despise
Unsuppressed calamity of secret fears
No more shall arise, I apologize…

The Stranger World In Cyberspace

The day i flew into cyberspace;
A swarm of bees set my screen ablaze;
I walked my way through the wonderland,
A content heart, no one could understand

Hopeless Warrior (Free Flow)

Nothing seems right
Your actions speak deceit
Your words conflict
Half way, through

Don'T Let Lust Burn You To Dust (Rhyme)

Don’t let lust;
Burn you to dust;
Lust is thirst;
This betrays her trust;

Angels Living In Colorless Harmony

They have set my soul upon the skies;
My fate has sent me with teary eyes;
All i can view are colorless rainbows;
The angels too, have lost their shadows,

Writers Iceland Block (Short Poem)

Suddenly i get a writers block
And all the feelings begin to flow
Not by inking on a poet’s canvas
By raindrops cast from Iceland snow...