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Angels Anticipations (Narrative, Imaginative)

Rating: 5.0

Alone, under clouded skies and darkness;
An angel awaits her knight in gloom,
Her cloak of white laced, tinsels sparkle;
To the silvery outlined puffed up moon.

Her delicate wings of satins finest silk;
Displayed like white winter plumage,
Her curled and lengthy golden locks;
Floats across her wandering visage.

She’s waiting for her lovers return;
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Hans Vr 21 August 2011

This poems flows like soft music with nice rythm and rhyme, but the most musical part of it is its fantstic content. It makes us fully understand what you write in your biography. I think this is poetry at its sublime and highest level.

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Romeo Della Valle 17 August 2011

Wow! Speechless I am after I finished reading this well penned and poignant poem that caught my immediate attention since I am one of those obsessed with angels! I love its imagery and fine texture! 10+++ Keep inspiring the World with more of your talented writes! If time permits, please, read and I hope you enjoy my two poems titled: A MISSING ANGEL and AN ANGEL AND A VIOLIN! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City....

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Cleveland Gibson 05 July 2011

Interesting slant of a poem. Waiting is no problem. Sleeping is no problem. But if dreaming then there's the 'rub' as the bard might say(WS) .

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Naveen S 03 May 2011

....Nice poem.... Let the time be with you angel

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