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Embraced By Endurance

There’s too much to endure in silence
Or harbor in deep remorse
Your developing interest elsewhere
Rocked my boat off its coast

Your once, cascading sunlight
Engraved my soul in scars
Butterflies flee out of me in seconds
Dousing all the kindled embers

My relentless misty salted tears
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Harindhar Reddy 14 October 2011

'Your developing interest elsewhere Rocked my boat off its coast' The images in the poem stood tall, there is enshrouded pain in each of this poem. The poem made me as sensitive as mimosa. A plethora of sullen feelings of the love hit the core of heart and made me hurt. Well written poem. Hats of to the owner of this poem!

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Kazi Ahmed 25 September 2011

Well constructed, deep thought, from the core of somebody's heart...crying inside....I am moved by this piece!

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Allemagne Roßmann 22 August 2011

butterfly body...everybody loves and want to hold but they do not know how to protect them from cascading sunlight.Sun also wants.Sun is angry to steal.The silence developed from the one you adore is due to his lack of interest.He is too much gay to understand you.He is colour blind.Your wings now push the boats off the harbour where this man promised you pearl.Sunlight is Nazi.Not only takes your moisture from iceland restored as water for ph balance but now allied with Japan-your soul to remorsefully destroy your mind-the pearl harbour.Tears come out relentless.Mist contains the alkalimetry of poeticism.They mix up with the acid scars to produce esters and salts.Now you have only salts and salts on a shopping spree as if they they are on civil disobedience movement with Gandhiji-your conscience.Now you have enough with salts.You tell to Gandhi enough walk now make tomato sauce on your body and fight with slogans 'Gujjar tamatar ketchup gujju sukh ma chhe ani bharat sukh ma chhe'....but your heart is unstoppable.It can only be a Netaji for the soul which washes your crimson red now for the emancipation of mind, soul, body, heart and perhaps almost everything. Well written verses and i enjoyed the poem with my rekindled embers which left me those butterflies.

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Hans Vr 21 August 2011

Very poetic expression of feelings. The images give lots of strength to the poem and make is very nice to read.

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Allemagne Roßmann 20 August 2011

Butterflies flee out of me in seconds Dousing all the kindled embers Very poignant write.Well done and i love the phrases here.

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