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All He Want's From Her, Is Sex Sex Sex

Rating: 4.5

my friend has a new guy
he's evil in my eye
it's only been about two weeks
and already her body reeks

it smells of him and his cigarettes
he said 'don't look back
there will be no regrets'

but all he wanted was

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gross 22 December 2018

whatever! ! ! your gross

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Kirby Segan 20 October 2015

I can relate to this poem.. I us to not care and let guy take my body.. buy I have move on and realize all those guys didn't care about me they only wanted to something for that mintue...

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Madison Farley 22 April 2013

....i just went thru same exact thing, reading this brought back old memories that i wish i didnt have, but it also made me smarter in a way

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Engie Brown 10 February 2011

it is so sad, but it is an experience

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Audrey Heller 12 June 2009

I read your poem and it made me sad, to think your friend, hooked up, with a cad! I don't know her age, but he, is too young, to go on, like this much longer. She, has to put a stop to this and show him, she's the stronger!

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