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While Writing

Someone inside says, "Get busy."
But I've got appointments to keep,
I have an abstemious love of equations calculated quickly
While the tepid day melts into design.

I Am Like A Desert Owl, An Owl Among The Ruins

The alpha You. The omega You.
My grandmother's ghost, its girlish snafu

On Being An Artist

Saturn seems habitual,
The way it rages in the sky

Compassion Iv

The human realities of the living are now
As close to me as my own—oh, see how


Our ancestors in the earth are not
Ashamed of us. The strong smell
Of dirt, the delirious rabbits, the
Clocks are all disappearing. A

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Sylvia Frances Chan 26 July 2021

Congratulations being chosen as The Poet Of The Day Today by Poem Hunter abnd Team. I am very happy to read this. Keep on writing, please!

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 30 October 2017

You are somehow different from the contemporary American poets. I love this unique tone in your words. Please keep this sensibility up and get connected with people who also think like you but write different way. Regards. Subhas

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Noelle Kocot is an American poet. She is the author of six full-length collections of poetry, including the forthcoming Soul in Space (Wave Books, October 2013), The Bigger World (Wave Books, 2011) and Sunny Wednesday (Wave Books, 2009). She has also published Poet By Default (Wave Books, 2011), a limited-edition collection of translations of the p ...

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