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I do not allow
into my heart.

I am not a poet
that to all is clear.

I am not a poet

I do enjoy my femilinity
Ok ok

Someone lied to me
when they said
time heals all wounds.

I woke up

Not angry enough to cuss

How do you-
is there even

I am in the
midst of a

Today it's not coming
There's nothing to say
There's nothing to explore
There's nothing to convey.

Why do you say
you 'hate' happy

In my experience,
I have seen others speak on a topic,
failing to make it clear that they are speaking
solely from

You use 'I'm Sorry'
as if it were magic dust.

Talk to me again dust

Quiet Choral Music
Chamber Singers
Children riding bikes
White fences

What is threatening to
undo the lbs
I've so painstakingly
gotten rid of?

Im running this race
With no end in sight
I do not run
For the ending

I am still not a poet
as everyone still can clearly see
I am still not a poet
but Im writing these words for me

No happiness Im so sorry,
you, my dear, are uninvited.

Better luck next time ok?

I can't readily explain
how Im feeling
I can only try.

I looked into my life
I didn't like what I saw.

I question Faith.


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After a great long break from literature study, I find myself longing for poetry. Im writing here, and sometimes it's pretty bad, but it helps me cope with the situations Im going through. Poetry execution is not high on my concern list. I believe poetry is something that flows from the heart. Not everyone's heart is cognizant of stanzas and iambic pentameter etc. It's ok with me that my poetry is not good. Im just writing for me. If you don't like my poetry that fine... just move on. This is not a class and you are not required to read. There are thousands of poets on PH. Youre bound to find one you like! Thanks!)

The Best Poem Of Noemi Lee

An Issue Of Trust

I do not allow
into my heart.

I do not trust them
to not
tear it all apart.

I do not trust
not to hurt or betray

And so I protect
my heart
by locking the gate
and hiding the key.

In all of this mistrust
I can clearly see
That one I truly do not trust
is me.

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Noemi Lee Popularity

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