Somebody Lied To Me Poem by Noemi Lee

Somebody Lied To Me

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Someone lied to me
when they said
time heals all wounds.

Either they had
a different version of time
or a rock for a heart.

It's been 4 years
and I have no relief
no joy, no happiness
no less grief.

I haven't heard my mother's
voice, and my heart is sad.
I haven't seen her smile,
I haven't balked at her admonishments
I haven't stopped missing her
at all.

Time doesn't heal
all wounds.
Somebody lied to me

Noemi Lee 12 May 2006

I don't have a problem. I just miss my mom. I don't think phrases like time heals all should be used, because time heals some...not all. There's no problem sir, for some people it is ok to have feelings, to miss people without there being a problem. I just know that the words time heals all will never come out of my mouth, to anyone. It might make them sit around and wait for a 'time' that will never show up to come.

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Donny S 12 May 2006

Not matter how much your heart is broken....just remember the world does not stop for your grief....... I'm sorry for your loss....but the longer you keep it inside....the harder it is to heal fully.... Its a great poem - keep up the great work here Dona

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John Tiong Chunghoo 12 May 2006

the problem is you are stuck in time. you dont allow yourself to move along with it.

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