I Am Not A Poet Poem by Noemi Lee

I Am Not A Poet

Rating: 3.8

I am not a poet
that to all is clear.

I am not a poet
but this page I wont leave bare.

I am inundated with journals, and novels and news
and yet a poet's simple verse conveys the same views.

No, I am not a poet
not with one wish, or two, or three.

I will never be a poet,
but I am content being me.

Rajaram Ramachandran 18 June 2006

You are a baby poet no doubt in it. You are able to communicate your feelings thro' your short verses. This is enough to start with. As age advances you are going to be a topper in the poetry world. Take it from me.

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Leigh A. Hill 18 May 2006

you may say you are not a poet, but i think we all know the truth, awesome poem! love starr

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Uriah Hamilton 27 April 2006

You might be more of a poet than you know....the great Bob Dylan says he's not a poet, merely a song and dance man.

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Sydney Daniels 27 April 2006

The first step is putting your words out there to be read. I admire your bravery. Catch your breath and bless us with some more.

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Poetry Hound 27 April 2006

Well, you obviously have some inclination towards writing poetry or you wouldn't have written this and you wouldn't have posted it. Here is some advice that lots of people here would give you: Read lots of poetry, marinate in it, let it influence your writing. If you do, you can't help but make you a better poet. Start with the more accessible contemporary poets like Billy Collins, Ted Kooser, and Sharon Olds. Then move on from there. If you don't fall in love with reading poetry, it's not likely that you'll be a good poet yourself. Regards.

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