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I am desert, desert of memories,
Like golden artifacts, memories
Precious buried on the sand forever traveling.

Agony is the breeze,
That constantly
Through my skin pierce.
When the night is young,

The last days, old and frail.
When death's lullabies lure me in
And the tears kiss the ground no more
But grey cloudy eyes, and yes!

From where the sun rises,
As black as charcoal
A veil in heaven covers
The glowing face in the sky,

Tell me,
Oh, tell me please!
Dont deny me
The eloquence of thy incantation,


Paralysis like the bite of a viper
Without mercy
Holds you prisoner
And traps you in its web

Great Ancestor!
The mighty fig tree on the fields.
They say they want to behead her
For her shade kills the maize crops.

Standing outside
She can smell
The cool air seeping through her nose
Gladly feeling the intoxicating

Tears have welled in the
chambers of my eyes
From the years gonebye sorrow
Like rain doth collects in ponds on a summer rain


Branches dance to the soft
rhythm of the wind
Old worn out leaves
Float away to the ground

Come my Angel!
Flap your strong beautiful wings
As fast as the speed of light.
Come rescue me,

Angel of the heaven's above
Secretly wandered the earth below
Through the dark green forest
Where lived the beautiful lady of the forest.

Great warriors
Fought bloody battles for this country
We call our home.
Their wives and children would line up to bid them farewell,

To have found joy at last
And los the sorrows of the past
To wear a smile on thy face
For love and friendship thot i had


Like mist, when the sun make haste
to the skies,
I take refuge to the air
Cursed to nothingness

Behold The Confessor!
For the verdict of
the one,
Who dared to break the sacred codes of heaven.

Winds of the night,
Go go you winds of love
Blow tenderly;
My love is fragile

Flufy white feathers,
Sweeping across the blue
vastness above,
A sight to savour in blissfulness,

A wild flower refuse to close her eyes,
For budding has denied her the beauty;
Of the open fields,
The vast mountains,

When darkness slowly,
Yet pacefully,
Creeps over daylight
To the vastness of the horizon.

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i am...)

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Desert Of Memories

I am desert, desert of memories,
Like golden artifacts, memories
Precious buried on the sand forever traveling.

I build a sand dune of memories golden, Passionately
I watch over it like the sun of the stately
Blue skies.

When it weighs on my heart heavily
I let go like i let in, carefuly and instinctively, Though the sand storm of my sorrows, Be vicious and
Vigorous, another sand dune be moulded,

To unmark the memories uncoded,
Deep within the traveling sands,
From thieving pirates never found.

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Pheko Motaung 01 June 2012

Nontebeko Dlamini is a fabulous poet whose lyrical soaring poetry typifies the beauty of her magnificent personality that shines in her poetry that are typically soulful and marvelously African.Read the beautiful poems of Nontebeko Dlamini and you will be entertained and informed and feel in contact with her exhilarating rendition of truly spirit uplifting poetry.

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Some people flicker in and out of our lives like the lights in a scarry movie

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