Norman Jin Shyr Wang

Norman Jin Shyr Wang Poems

1. Once And No More 6/3/2013
2. Why Are You Sick At Work? 6/5/2013
3. Die Of Thousands Deaths 12/27/2014
4. Are You Surprised? 1/16/2015
5. Her Not-So-Smart Boss 1/17/2015
6. My Mother's Reds For January Blood Donation Month. 1/18/2015
7. Her Anguish Love 1/22/2015
8. A Poem To A Devastating Film 1/24/2015
9. Her 2000 Years' Beauty 1/24/2015
10. His Logical And Passionate Hands 1/24/2015
11. Taken As Directed. 1/24/2015
12. Roboticized Me 1/22/2015
13. A Synthetic Poet In The Webs. 1/28/2015
14. So, They Want A Democracy, Now. 2/1/2015
15. The Poor Child's Born With A Start That's Already Finished. 2/1/2015
16. Bed Sheet's Mess 2/3/2015
17. Railway Track-Eyewitness 2/4/2015
18. On That Palsy-Walsy Night......... 2/5/2015
19. Skull 2/5/2015
20. Boating In River Niagara 2/5/2015
21. Largest Emperess' Tomb Yet To Be Discovered. 2/7/2015
22. Rains Almost Killed Him 2/8/2015
23. They Can'T Open A Bank Account. 2/9/2015
24. Poor's Worse Nightmare... 2/9/2015
25. She's Shaving Her Face 2/10/2015
26. A Family's Table Lamp 2/13/2015
27. Free Coffee 2/16/2015
28. A Fight Between A Sad Laugh And A Half 2/23/2015
29. When The Snow Owl Isn'T Snowy. 2/20/2015
30. Mr. Odd, A Hungry Dog From Somewhere 2/15/2015
31. Our Obsessed World 2/10/2015
32. Blood That Killed 1/22/2015
33. The Boy And His Poetic Fish? 2/12/2015
34. A Heartless Hole 2/13/2015
35. He Doesn`t Have God. 2/8/2015
36. A Farcing Situation.. 2/7/2015
37. I Wanted To Play Baseball 2/6/2015
38. His Lousy Snow Day 2/2/2015
39. 2015's Ban Of Western Text Books 2/2/2015
40. A New King's After-Life 1/23/2015
Best Poem of Norman Jin Shyr Wang

His Love Story

Love aches
Love breaks
Love cries
Love dies
Love almost ends, and
Love fights on
Love gushes
Love hates
Love ignores
Love jabs
Love kicks
Love labours
Love makes
over and over.
Love is neat
Love is opening
Love is patience
Love is quietness
Love is romance
Love is sharing
Love is temperate
Love is understanding
Love is virtue
Love is wanting
Love is xerox
Love is yoking
Love is zoology

This is his 22 years of love-marriage,
What is your story?

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Die Of Thousands Deaths

He was taking out a sharp dagger
and I was sitting there.
Feeling that he was piercing through the forest
of my hair,
I was sitting there.
He was chopping my hairs in order and in disarray.
I smelt dripping of sweat and blood from his hand.
And I was sitting there.
He is finishing off my head and face and next

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