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27 December 2014

Stillness and emptiness will generate great creativity.

20 February 2015

Addiction to white is addiction to drinks, for your snowy owl only.

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His Love Story

Love aches
Love breaks
Love cries
Love dies
Love almost ends, and
Love fights on
Love gushes
Love hates
Love ignores
Love jabs
Love kicks
Love labours
Love makes
over and over.
Love is neat
Love is opening
Love is patience
Love is quietness
Love is romance
Love is sharing
Love is temperate
Love is understanding
Love is virtue
Love is wanting
Love is xerox
Love is yoking
Love is zoology

This is his 22 years of love-marriage,
What is your story?

Norman Jin Shyr Wang Popularity

Norman Jin Shyr Wang Popularity

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