Not Long Left

Rookie (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

Not Long Left Poems

1. My Big Brother 12/1/2005
2. Wishing Well 12/12/2005
3. Time Is Fine (When There Is Wine) 12/16/2005
4. Revelations 3/13/2006
5. Reminder 3/13/2006
6. Face To Face With Future On A Late Night Train. 3/20/2006
7. Fragilities (Example 1) 3/23/2006
8. The Eyes That Saw The Future And Preserved It In The Past 3/26/2006
9. Harverster 12.30pm 3/26/2006
10. We Are All Smarties 4/3/2006
11. One (Revisited) 4/4/2006
12. Wishing Well (Revisited) 4/4/2006
13. 'Why' 4/4/2006
14. Dream Boat (In Memory Of The Man Who Helped Me To See) 4/4/2006
15. Love Notes On Icy Car Windows (Revisited) 4/6/2006
16. On His Morning Stroll Death Meets Life. 4/10/2006
17. Memories Of A Manic Mother 4/10/2006
18. Scarecrows Of Light 4/3/2006
19. Just Him, The Mirror And Death. 4/3/2006
20. Expressing My Feelings Like Dodging A High Speed Train 4/11/2006
21. Love- The Invisible Chainsaw 4/11/2006
22. The Philosophical Goldfish (1) 4/14/2006
23. A Reply As To Why I Write 4/14/2006
24. Silent Rooms Echo Change 4/18/2006
25. Consevatory Conversations; Not A Poem In Mind (1) 4/19/2006
26. Unspoken Revelations To The Lady In The Off-Licence 3/9/2006
27. Thoughts Of Us At The Start Of The Day. 3/9/2006
28. The Reunion 12/23/2005
29. If We Fought Wars Like Children Do 12/23/2005
30. Its On My Bed 12/23/2005
31. Oh The Despair 12/23/2005
32. Waiting For The Hands To Touch The Stared At Numbers 12/23/2005
33. Our Love Like A Lazy Scripted Soap 12/30/2005
34. Unable 11/30/2005
35. What Shall Become Of The Words When I Am Gone 12/3/2005
36. An Angel Strokes Your Brow (For Nicola) 12/4/2005
37. I Much Preffered You When You Was Just A Mother 4/13/2006
38. Dream Boat 11/6/2005
39. Liquid Thoughts 11/6/2005
40. Glass Bottle 11/6/2005

Comments about Not Long Left

  • Amanda Lukas (6/8/2006 4:05:00 PM)

    Vincent, I must admit that I have recently been skimming through the authors on the new poems list rather than titles. That being said, I've found that your name is one that always sticks out and promises a great read.

    It's a pleasure to read you.


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  • Mike Finley (4/25/2006 7:57:00 AM)

    There is a persistent melancholy in your work, Vincent. Siometimes it has a sweetness, and sometimes it seems to be something you are gunning for - a self-punishment perhaps.

    My prayer for you is to take your talent, which is considerable, and to reroute it toward less destructive, less self-pitying.

    The mind of a poet is a thicket of tares, but the world is bright and bountiful. Take a walk outside, and open your heart to the possibilities.

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  • Michele Kostelnik Parrillo (3/8/2006 11:38:00 PM)

    This poem about the bird that dies in the grass is so so sad. I did cry. When I was young, oh so young, I buried a frozen cat in my back yard. What a poem. I must say you have got it Vincent. Oh yes, it was beautiful also - in death there is beauty. The feather.... michele kostelnik

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  • Gina Onyemaechi (1/30/2006 8:15:00 AM)

    If his date of birth didn't show, you'd think he was twice his actual age. He has overwhelming, mature talent.

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  • Joy Vanderhelm (1/2/2006 4:35:00 PM)

    I'm glad you posted on the forum because then I might have wasted more time hunting for someone with even a smidgen of your ability. You write like I dream, with force, power and emotion that could fill a room.
    Warm regards, Joy

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  • john tiong chunghoo john tiong chunghoo (1/1/2006 1:52:00 AM)

    some of his poems are great stuff.

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Best Poem of Not Long Left

The Butterfly

there was once a beautiful butterfly,
it would flutter its perfectly patterned,
wings high in the blue open sky.
every other butterfly would cry out,
'how pretty you are'
and even from afar only he was seen,
delicately dancing in the breeze.
yet this poor butterfly was not at ease.
it was lonely for its beauty isolated it,
alone it would fly alone it would cry,
butterfly tears dropping down upon,
the jealous land below.
even with its beauty,
it was not happy,
and craved to return to its original self,
a catterpillar, anomonoyous and free ...

Read the full of The Butterfly

How You Felt

asked how you felt,
weary eyed
you replied,
you felt,
like a fallen twig,
broken off from its,
only for you to land,
into a rushing

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