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I have lived in the state of Utah my whole life. Have 4 sisters and 2 brothers. which both brothers are married and my oldest sister is married as well. Out of the girls I am the middle child. I have lived several places in Utah, but my family did most of the moving around before I was born.

I belong to a chruch called The TLC.(The True and Liv ...

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Debbie Bennett 16 June 2007

you are loved sweetie

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The Best Poem Of Nyki Thomas

~please Lord~

Dear Lord, please let school be out!
Then the whole wide world will say hurray in one big shout
But even More please let school be Banned,
So we can sit here being fanned.
Oh lord please just let school be banned!

OH please let it just be forbidden!
And all the school books hidden.
Just dear Lord just let this one pray be given,
Then let our heart be driven.
Oh Lord please just let school be forbidden!

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Nyki Thomas Popularity

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