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There are 3 kinds of serial killers...
First, those
who kill a chain of individuals on a one to one basis
or by hiring a hit person

Some sad stories of captive birds
and captive humans:

Her human companion was sent by
the unelected to Iraq.

With no other options, the soldier

When trees are
killed by chain saw
bulldozer or ax
these are not good

He went to
for his nation's glory
He returned from war

All wars are wars on animals birds and fishes as well.


A six point touchdown..
some thought it a football score..
others the hexagonal flake of snow
.. soon it will melt

Help every being out of
the hell
of excess weight:
a confining pumpkin shell.

In coffee is dioxypurine
In meat is trioxypurine.
The latter causes more arthritis,
more heart attacks.

He listened to the chain saw
and prayed that God would prevent
the eviction of flightless fledglings
from their fir tree homes

Emily D put words into poems
as an infinite forest of oak
is encapsulated in an acorn's

After a lifetime of monumental charity, having given away over 100 million
of the proceeds from his and his wife Jo Anne Woodward's food business, having
been a peace activist all his life, a film actor who entertained billions,
a vegetarian for reasons of nonviolence, Paul Newman has slipped

Cat Stories

A cat who had escaped from
a lab could only squeak..

We are told that haiku
should have a 1st line of 5 syllables,
a 2nd of 7, and a 3rd of 5.

A dog abandoned stays at
a telephone poll
on Howe Road for
48 hours running

Witnesses in trials in the US are asked to swear
to 'tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth'.

It is impossible to tell the whole truth. Only God is omniscient.

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I bow to the divine within you... The same Lord of Love lives in you and me... and never leaves... no matter how many grey clouds cover His inner presence. I honor this site's poets including those who don't know it. Anyone who does not edit individual poems and includes the name of the author O Anna Niemus has my permission to reproduce them on the web and if on cotton, rice, nontree or recycled paper to publish them. God protect, supply, heal and love you today and always, each and all ways It is my humble prayer that any downloading be done on cotton, rice, nontree or recycled recycled paper that I may walk in the woods and be able to look the trees in the face. --- I would be grateful if you email me with notice of any misspellings, grammar errors or opinions I express which enrage you. Coming: a poem to the vivisector shadow hacker who loves to make the lives of antivivisectionists more interesting.)

The Best Poem Of O Anna Niemus

3 Kinds Of Serial Killers

There are 3 kinds of serial killers...
First, those
who kill a chain of individuals on a one to one basis
or by hiring a hit person
Second, those who kll millions abstractly..
never seeing those they burn as they sit in bomber planes
or government chairs.
Third, those who kill with their pens,
denying petitions for mercy from prisoners on death row

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Kyle Shield Laster 02 August 2008

her love for the earth is unmatched.... just as her ability to write of it. an amazing poet but an even more amazing person. she'll have my respect and support always... -kyle

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Dr John Celes 13 June 2008

I greatly appreciate your great concern for preservation of Nature and ecology, Anna. regards, dr john celes

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James B. Earley 09 June 2008

O Anna Niemus - A passionate communicator of Man's inhumanity to Man! ! ! !

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