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I will rape thee-
With my savage love;
Born from the rural pot.

I will love again; I will.
Not a soul is safe.
I'll throw my heart unto the world:
I'll share it for I've faith.

We'll panic 'neath the dying moon:
Mating in the dirt.
All will know when finally-
God does ease the hurt.

Pen to me a lovely write.
Oh, tell me of your favor!
Whisper words onto a page
Of how my lips you'd savor...

I fear no one could love me
And what reason can I give-
As an answer to my aching;
For the lonely life I live?

Sits she in her rocking chair-
Rocking: back and fro.
Smiling with her pins and thread-
For knitting, Love does know,

I shall speak of Love and things.
I pray my words will give it wings:
To fly and never know again-
A heart that wants to stay a 'friend'.

I want you all to love me.
I want you all to care.
I want you all to guide me.
I want, my pain, to share:

Shake your little 'jungle' heart!
It's soon to meet a cage.
Wilding through the lands
Is far improper for your age.

Dying words float all about.
Last said prayers to stay devout-
Flitter like gone butterflies:
Lover's words as Lover dies.

My right side is the stronger
Of this body that I own.
All through the day it guides me;
A dependence I have grown:

Only you'd know
Why my body's still.
No life in my bones.
No life to will.

Pawned all of the life I had
And now these hands are bare.
Just a heart I had left- So,
I had to take it there.

Abuse in all days of his life-
Caused Struggle: his middle name.
Offers, he, not all his Sores.
Not all of him they'll claim.

We'll sit on clouds with bubble- Yum!
And share in young delights
As we pick the Angels- Fling!
Whoa, you knocked out all his lights...

Lord do grant her peace of heart:
Needs she not a 'he'.
Guide her heart to your delight;
Just guide it far from me.

Cotton; feels my nostrils.
Sugar; tastes my ears.
Sticky are my hands and brow
And shredded are my fears.

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I Will Rape Thee

I will rape thee-
With my savage love;
Born from the rural pot.

I will rape thee
And while I rot-
I will pray that you do not.

But, I will save thee
Because, honey,
You've needs: the sting of me...

And I will rape thee-
Because I know
Only to love and rape thee.

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'I will never be a stepping stone...' -Duffy

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