The Brave Fear Poem by Obed Akuma

The Brave Fear

A fear that dispels all other fears
A fear that conquers all other fears
A fear that elevates
A fear that sustains
The brave fear

To have it is to fear
To maintain it is to obey
To fear the Creator
To obey His majesty
The brave fear

A fear that defeats that of death
A fear that is from God’s providence
A fear that imparts confidence
A fear that imparts mirth
The brave fear

This fear from the Lord comes
This fear to the Lord directs
All your being and resources
All your future in His hands it places
The brave fear

Fear this fear not
Possess this fear
Buy this fair fear
With all your fair lot
The brave fear

To buy this fear
Wise is to grow
Security you bear
Your life to reach the brow
The brave fear

The brow of living
In eternity peacefully
The brow of being
What God created you to be fully
The brave fear

The brave fear is this
That all other fears you may have
Exchange them with this
That Christ is there you to save
From all other coward fears

Rondel Hayes 27 October 2008

i'm not a christian but i respect this poem i have brave fear because i fear not death it awaits us all no need to fear anything in this life just enjoy it til the times up

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Naé Tyler 01 September 2008

I'm a Christian and I've never really looked at fear like that, I love this.

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Obed Akuma

Obed Akuma

Nyamira County, Kenya
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