Francis Duggan October Poems

A Beautiful Day In October

The flies are buzzing in the sunshine and the little dark brown honeybees
Are busily gathering nectar from the flowers of the blossoming trees
On a beautiful day in October of around 27 degrees
And Nature she is at her calmest with only a very faint breeze

Written In October 2001

It's been fifteen years I remember and now I'm fifty four
Since I last walked from Millstreet Town along the roadway to Rathmore
The fields of Inchaleigh and Claraghatlea North lit by the moon's faint light
And stars shone in the heavens on that November night.

A Pleasant Evening In October

It is a pleasant evening of wind and sunshine
The temperatures close to twenty degrees
And butterflies are flitting above the flower beds
And wattlebirds call on the coastal trees.

Late October In Ireland

The leaves from the trees are beginning to fall
And the caterpillar seeks a crack in the wall
The month of October is slipping away
And Winter comes closer with each passing day.

A Humid October Day

The sky is a mixture of clouds blue and gray
And the sun at intervals shines through on this warm Spring day
With a high of a humid thirty one degrees
And little relief from the heat in the freshening sea breeze

On The Bali Bombings (October 02)

For those who did this one can't find excuses and when caught they will not be shown any sympathy
They murdered and injured hundreds of people in a callous act of inhumanity
And as per usual 'twas the innocents who suffered they were in the wrong place at the wrong time
Enjoying themselves in a well known Bali Night Club in any case that ought not be a crime.

The First Of October

The first of October a beautiful day
And in the blue sky just a few specks of gray
And sunshine on the Parkland and on the park trees
And the warmth of Spring is in the freshening breeze,

In October

In the garden the capeweed are blooming amidst the lush green
And roses and flowers in abundance are seen
And cock and hen sparrow to the house eaves nearby
With strands of dried grass to build their straggly nest

October In Kalorama

Those giant mountain ash trees they seem to touch the sky
And the white sulphur crested cockies squawking as from tree to tree they fly
A pleasant Spring day in October of around 20 degrees
And warmth in the sunshine and in the gentle breeze.

An October Day

The white backed magpie he flutes on the black wattle tree
Where Nature's great beauty is all around me
And I know them by their song though them I cannot see
The black and white birds known to most as pee wee.

An October Day In Millstreet

I hear the Finnow gurgling along
And robin sings his brief October song
And on deciduous trees leaves turning brown
In once green groves just out of Millstreet Town.

An Evening In October

An evening in October the second month of Spring
And in the Town of Emerald the common mynas sing
And gold billed blackbird whistling on sunlit wattle tree
And whoever coined the phrase was right 'the best things in life are free'.

A Showery October Afternoon

It is a showery afternoon water drips from the trees
But it's not cold a mild Spring day perhaps twenty degrees
In late October in the hills you do get days like these
When morning sun give way to showers though cool enough the breeze.

Of An October Day

A beautiful time of year the prime of the Spring
When in their breeding territories the nesting birds sing
In the southern October a lovely time of year
With the warmer weather of Summer quite near

October In Duhallow

Across green old Duhallow from here far away
Cool winds from the Boggeraghs are blowing today
In October a cool, wet and windy time of year
In the prime of the Autumn as Winter draws near

In Early October

Sunshine in a blue sky on a beautiful day
A cool coastal breeze blowing uphill from the bay
The blackbirds are singing their October melodies
And the warbling of the magpies carrying in the breeze

On October The First

With the sun on their dark wings In the clear blue sky
The swallows in pursuit of flying insects fly
The countryside looking lush and green after the recent showers
And in the paddocks large bunches of yellow cape flowers

In The Prime Of October

In the mostly sunny blue sky just a few wooly looking clouds of gray
In the Moyne Shire it is such a beautiful day
In the prime of October in the far Southern Spring
The wildborn nesting birds chirp, whistle and sing

Illowa On An October Day

In Illowa it is a beautiful day
The sun it is shining in a sky blue and gray
On the first of October near the prime of the Spring
The wild birds of Nature chirp, whistle and sing

In Late October In Macroom

Flowing bank high in the flat fields near Macroom Town
Old River Sullane in flood waters of brown
Swollen from heavy flow of storm waters of every rill and drain
That flow full of brown water from recent rain

A Nice October Day

The Magpies on the grass lay enjoying the sunshine
On a near to perfect day in October quite warm and fine
A high for the day of twenty three degrees
With few gray clouds in the blue sky and hardly any breeze

A Nice Day In October

The sun feels pleasantly warm on this nice October day
And the magpies are warbling in the park by the bay
And the golden bill blackbird on a wattle does sing
For to proclaim his borders in the prime of the Spring

Olinda In October

Yesterday it was sunny around twenty degrees
With a pleasant warmth in the freshening breeze
Rustling in the leaves of the tall mountain ash trees
Where the wild birds of nature pipe their melodies


A light shower of rain the sun hidden away
Twenty minutes later to reappear from behind clouds of gray
With scarce little breeze on the warm side of humid one can say
Quite typical weather for an October day

October Day

My Worth as a writer i have reason to doubt
Though no shortage of subject material for to write rhymes about
On this beautiful and sunny day in October in Spring
The wild birds of Nature, chirp, whistle and sing

A Mild October Day

The sweet scent of grass mowed for silage or hay
Wafting in the breeze of this mild October day
The weather though not very warm is windy and bright
With sporadic spells of mild Spring sunlight

An October Day In Koroit

On the sunny blue sky there is not one cloud of gray
And the magpies are singing in Koroit today
The distinctive flute like notes always pleasant to hear
Of the birds that do sing every day of the year

An October Evening In Warrnambool

Rain drizzling from a sunless sky and a cool chill in the breeze
In coastal south west Victoria it is only ten degrees
On an evening in late October in the City of Warrnambool
In Spring in this part of Australia the weather sometimes windy, wet and cool

Castlemaine On An October Evening

In and around Castlemaine that is often so brown and so dry
Where beauty and greenery today meets the eye
On this the thirteenth of October two thousand and sixteen
I have never seen central Victoria so green

An October Sunday In Warrnambool

On Sunday the second of October the weather calm and cool
The rain drizzling down on the streets of Warrnambool
Most of the shops are closed the sky gloomy and gray
On the coastal City the sun is not shining today

A Late October Dawn

The brown flood that was flowing bank high yesterday
Though somewhat subsided towards the ocean rapidly babbling it's way
And in the cool gray of a late October dawn
The salmon against the strong current are swimming upriver to spawn

In Illowa In October

The paddocks lush and green and the wild birds do sing
In Illowa in October in the prime of the Spring
The meadows being mowed for baled silage or hay
And on nutritious young grass cattle gaining weight by the day

A Cool October Morning

On this gray October morning in the prime of the Spring
The birds on the bushes and trees chirp and sing
It has rained overnight and more rain on the way
Going by the weather forecast later on in the day

Duhallow In Late October

The fields by the Blackwater River from overnight frost looking gray
And heavy low clouds tell rain not far away
The salmon are swimming up river to spawn
In the chilly silence of an October dawn

On This October Day

There is a slight chill in the freshening coastal breeze
But a pleasant enough day of around sixteen degrees
Across the blue sky scattered clouds of light gray
And the sun shining bright on this October day

A Morning In October

A beautiful Spring day around twenty degrees
The calmness is profound with just a slight breeze
The sun is not too warm seems perfect to me
And the songbirds are singing on bush hedge and tree.

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