On The Bali Bombings (October 02) Poem by Francis Duggan

On The Bali Bombings (October 02)

For those who did this one can't find excuses and when caught they will not be shown any sympathy
They murdered and injured hundreds of people in a callous act of inhumanity
And as per usual 'twas the innocents who suffered they were in the wrong place at the wrong time
Enjoying themselves in a well known Bali Night Club in any case that ought not be a crime.

The news headlines are full of war and terror and World peace seems far so far away
And talks of war give rise to acts of terror and more people dying in bombings every day
And those who talk up war and condemn acts of terror the scourge of terror they help to create
For war and terror always were blood brothers and those two I find hard to separate.

The Bali bombers are such evil people and for their awful crimes they will be made to pay
And if man's law will fail to bring them to book then Karma
will catch up with them one day,
The dead can't be brought back, the badly injured left to suffer and the badly burnt will suffer years of pain
And of the worst night of their lives in Bali only the worst of memories will remain.

In the news we only hear of war and terror and innocent people dying in bombings every day
And always it's the blameless who seem to suffer and for the crimes of others they must pay
And if the law can't catch the Bali bombers then from Karma
they cannot hide away
And more than likely they will die in agony nor will they live on to be old and gray.

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