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Dark cloud eminently cover,
Cobweb annoyingly hover
where sunlight could've win some smiles
And pollinators could've bring new fruits,

Grace is the rising sun
that smile on our earth with radiant light,
It is the enveloping dusk
That usher in the peaceful night.

the sun's to loving radiance
that excites vegetation
can also be the scorching brilliance

Love needs no introduction
She is like a young woman
Whose beauty calls attention
Of the admiring young man

Look your spouse in the eye and smile
it cost nothing
Say hello to a stranger
it cost nothing

This comely mountains shade
flaunts like a tinted hue
with birds wovering
As if there're being cade

I give thanks for the rising sun that smile on our earth with radiant light

I give thanks for love which fire ignite pleasant flames that illuminates darkened hearts and twirls tolerance in men's lives

From love's fire
Burns pleasant flames,
Circulating Innocent swirls
At Tolerance's pot

The thorny bud that pierces trampling feet
turn in humble beneficence
to the blossom rose whose fragrance
call attention of bees in no small fleet

Another electioneering is upon us and suddenly
Picture of the big man buying akara
From the roadside seller
Is trending on the internet,

The mountain calls
with the gentle breeze
the plains,
with it charm and ease

precious time take me
take me to whence mother's arm
keep me kindly warmth

The dazzling sun on green plains and hills
And the exquisite moon that thrills
Village kids to games of hide and seek
At gullies of ecstasy and joyous peak.

The sleeping giant

Teardrops enough to flood the river nile,
Unemployed graduates queue longer a mile,

Blissful moments stay with me
Stay here with me in solitude;
In this doorway of freedom
That smiles enlightening welcomes,

When on their own land; Kings becomes strangers
And Queens taken by drunken soldiers,
When on unguarded and stray paths prince walk
And servants ride gorgeously on horseback.

The poet's dilemma is to turn beauty
That eyes beholds into fine lines
And turn rich fragrance the nose smells
Into nice tuned words.

Life is about love
That flows around like a spring
And glows like a queen,

Every creature adores the almighty
With reverend certainty
From the magnificent ocean
To the tiny grain of sand

Wisdom leads beauty
To nearby mountain
Where pride suffers
On low pedestal

Okim Otu Biography

Okim Otu was born in Eshi Borum, in Boki local government area of cross river stateof Nigeria. He studied public administration at the Nogak Polytechnic Ikom, cross river state. He is the founder of Success Linings (a life and relationship coaching firm) Okim enjoy reading African literature, his best African author is Chenua Achebe. He has written several works that are yet to be published He was inspired to write poetry after having a transcendance experience that completely changed his life. He is a Christian and hold the teaching of Jesus Christ close to his heart.)

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Hard To Crack

Dark cloud eminently cover,
Cobweb annoyingly hover
where sunlight could've win some smiles
And pollinators could've bring new fruits,
Giants trees the hurricane uproot
And forced us to deserted miles.

Rain upon rain our shelter shattered
And food baskets completely emptied,
Our doors; hunger knock like the lender,
Round and round the wind unkind
Now blows as the monkey mind
But like the stubborn fly we won't surrender.

They scared us with wind,
We showed them whirlwind
They held our feet back
To pebble us with pebble
But never did we tremble.
Because we are hard to crack!

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Expectation breeds disappointment but the hand that is willing to work will always have something to do.

If everyday was sunny, you begin to take the sun for granted. Sometimes God allows the storms and the rain to come in your life so that when the sun shines again, u will know it importance.

The beauty of life is that people who are counting your errors goes home to face their own flaws.

Life is not just to survive But to thrive.

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