I Give Thanks Poem by Okim Otu

I Give Thanks

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I give thanks for the rising sun that smile on our earth with radiant light

I give thanks for love which fire ignite pleasant flames that illuminates darkened hearts and twirls tolerance in men's lives

I give thanks for the thunderstorm of hope that resonates from distance land to grant us the greatest relief

I give thanks for the rain of redemption from heaven; that floods our valley with kind waters and floats us to new height where victory gladly calls

I give thanks for the exquisite moon that excites village kids to night games of hide and seek

I give thanks for the air I breathe that I hardly notice, for the plant bud that broke open into the beautiful flower and the colourful butterfly that turns them to tasteful fruits

I give thanks for the beauty that abound in nature that spreads it branches like the flamboyant tree that the world can see

the dazzling speck of the star
the beautiful melody of the bird

I give thanks for my undaunted mind which pierces through harden rocks fearlessly, that stare at the whirlwind and dares the hurricane.

for all this I give thanks and for those still unnoticed.

Richard Wlodarski 17 June 2022

An exceptionally beautiful prayer poem of gratitude! So much for all of us to be grateful for. And, Okim you've captured it perfectly through this excellent poem. Sincerest thanks!

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Okim Otu 15 June 2022

I appreciate your kind comments

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Top score for this Thanksgiving poem. Enjoyed reading it Poet OKim.

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A beautiful heart full of gratitude for all the wonderful blessings of Nature.

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Chinedu Dike 15 June 2022

Nicely worded with a thankful heart and glorifying spirit.

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