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born in the town of onitsha in south eastern nigeria. attended learning field international school for his primary education from 1995 to 2000. later attended dennis memorial grammar school from 2000 to 2006 for his secondary school education. from 2006 to 2011 he attended federal university of technology owerri where he studied geology. there he discovered poetry and has been trying to learn and develop himself in that field of literature. he just graduated from college.

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A Walk Through The Cemetry

Whose homes are these, they never say
Both big and small, here they all lay
Among the gnawing rodent and the hungry tick
Ticking while the lonesome time dawdles away

My Emotions Betray Me

Each time at night
When I lay down and darkness beclouds my sight
Before I fade to the land of dreams,
My emotions betray me.


On a Night dark and lonely
Possessed by fierce demons only,
Appeared a gem on heavens door.
So I saw and stopped, and stopped and saw;

A Picture

The moon rises in a darkened scene
In circle of grey, in black and white
A melancholic skies, the eyes do capture
A haunted portrait hanging on the walls of the heart.

Love Is Not Like The Mother's Womb

Love is not like the mother's womb,
where we dwell awhile and in peace sleep,
only to depart at the ninth moon.

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you r very talented....a good writer too....

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Phillip Knox 26 February 2012

I like this poem too okoye. Makes me think of that song, I bless the rains down in Africa.

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Phillip Knox 26 February 2012

I like this poem. you're very talented. Thank you for sharing.

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Roy Allen 25 February 2012

I have not been to Nigeria but I have been to Zambia and I found that I could relate well to your poem. It was both graphic and eloquent. Thank you for submitting it Roy

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