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1. Uwaoma 9/13/2012
2. The Apple 10/5/2012
3. New Year 10/5/2012
4. Crimson Christmas 11/9/2012
5. Burning Candle 11/30/2012
6. Ablution 1/30/2013
7. Forward-Looking Easter 3/31/2013
8. Amarachi 6/30/2013
9. Newmonthmare 7/8/2013
10. Rain 7/12/2013
11. Memory Of A Car Crash 10/8/2013
12. Survivor 10/9/2013
13. Chinomnso 1/17/2014
14. Valentine's Day 2/14/2014
15. In Memoriam Anayo Ogujawa 3/26/2014
16. A Woman 4/8/2014
17. A Tender Attempt 7/11/2014
18. Psychiarty 7/11/2014
19. Veronica 2/26/2014
20. Ash Wednesday 2014 3/5/2014
21. Sheer Luck 2/24/2014
22. Ash Wednesday 2/17/2013
23. Apropos Of Palm Sunday 3/31/2013
24. In Memoriam Chinua Achebe 3/29/2013

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In Memoriam Chinua Achebe

How again else
our eyes these
dauntless drops drum of sorrow
but that
we never really ever
know Joshua—
with us always—till the end of Time,
with us since that immemorial mutinous morning
when our visceral vanity
for his sacrosanct ascendancy
and he by crass custom just jaunting, unsuspecting,
the length and breadth of Eden
upon the debacled dethronement cowering aback the figs
at the solemn sound of his afore-friendly footfalls
later that oh noisome noon
whenceforth he
our brow with sweat,...

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The Apple

A feline swagger
on stilettoes serpentine
as her loins'
perverse proximity
to an exiguous shame-shield
of bare opacity
a wanton weapon
in ambulatory predation
is a most merciless man-masticating

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