Veteran Poet - 1,098 Points (30th, november 1991 / JOS NIGERIA)


81. Soldiers Of Kisumu 8/20/2017
82. Goodnight My Love 8/20/2017
83. When A Believer Fall Asleep 11/11/2017
84. Just Be Mine Forever 11/11/2017
85. Sleep 12/6/2017
86. The Good Land 12/6/2017
87. Love Lets Love And Live 12/6/2017
88. Come Jesus, Come 12/7/2017
89. Tales From Orion 12/21/2017
90. Lets Make Love In The Woods 12/21/2017
91. Peace Be Still 12/21/2017
92. The Seige -new- 1/16/2018
93. Go Tell The Africans -new- 1/16/2018
94. Birthday Song To My Country. 10/2/2013
95. The Girl From My Village 8/4/2012
96. Song Of Continent 7/18/2013
97. A Walk With Zombie 7/23/2012
98. A Cry For Freedom 12/7/2017
99. Tell The Unborn Generation 5/28/2017
100. Free At Last 12/21/2017
101. Go Tell The Planets 12/21/2017
102. Paradise Never Lost 5/27/2017

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Paradise Never Lost

I once heard that sound which gladden the chambers of my heart
I remember the images I saw through the windows of my gray soul
They were the imprint of my soulmate, that queen I sang for many ages
That Ochanya, the Ihutokum whom I can dance ogriyan and Omagbae
Triumph with drums and trumpets to praise her beauty all night long
She is pure from hate, full of unimaginable love, beauty and grace
She is one in a billion, a teardrop in an ocean, a gazelle in the wild
Her beauty outlive the lilies in Kanji Dam, like the mountain flowers
Full of light, hope and kindness, ...

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'The Visitor'

Moaning through this blue african moon
The stars were blue icy flames of dark emptiness, then this smooth touch on my lips, the route to passive fantasy! thou thy marvel were weapon of deceit

Truly she was black but beautiful
Cage with true love.like the avail of night ghost she rode with wind.she is but a shadow in my many dreams

She pervert my empty planet of nightmares.we were friends from no man's land.with benefit of fable love'remember to close thy window gate'for she only comes to

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