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I once heard that sound which gladden the chambers of my heart
I remember the images I saw through the windows of my gray soul
They were the imprint of my soulmate, that queen I sang for many ages
That Ochanya, the Ihutokum whom I can dance ogriyan and Omagbae

Emma, remember the Land where we came from
The City where men hit their chest with pride
See, they have no love for Him who made us
Who called the heavens and all its might

Those that ran the race but never came back
They that saw the other side of life
They that get lost in the monstrous trip to green land
That hope to see the other part of life in Hollywood

Cold and dainty, fixed in the edge of thoughts
Who thought we will come this far?
When we sat at the years of yesterday
In the memories of how little we grew in life

Dark and lonely is this side of life
Soon we shall not remember the freshness
On the other side of life where men are born free
What is life that we cannot let it go?

Today we come so calmly in the iron streets of life
Offering the promises our long-aged fathers made to humanity
Seed and souls are blessings from the God of creations
This we know for we bored the marks of his creation,

It is all a gig
So good to be true
Like the truce of marble
it rumbles in earth and blood

They lose their rage up on us
Higher into the clouds we burn in flames
Africa the home of dwindling gods
Full of diversity but lost her root

Ours were willed to fate and faith
Others came as though we came
Like those fallen bricks of hope
Come let us sit and sing aloud

Seem like a diva in shadows of her pride
Swindling the wind drawn in estate of lies
You will climb the high heels of amorous prey
Then you will remember humility is a gift

They say our youth have no voice
They say we are lazy to fight our cause
We fought many battles and lost none
Africa cradle the bedrocks of Champions

Go tell them we love this part of the world
Griddle with dreadful scorns of prey
Supposed humans with humanity gone for prey
Men now kill men to hallow their gods

What a nightmare in Naraguta valley
what bliss in acrid darkness
what a figure of sharp aged teeth
the miseries behind dark science!

We all heard the cries.
Amidst the throb of life and pain, the journey of Alekwu to world of the living.
Some say I will return as a king, others as a hero, myth or the animals im a lion, a tiger or a monkey.tell this story to no one but our kingsmen, our clanheads and belove inlaws.
Our wives don't make love in the afternoon else you born me with shames of deformities.

Among these passive coral, the trend of this lonely path
They that shook off the dust from souls
amidst another hot season of the year
The streamers all on their bowels

Lets say we outive this flags.
Lets cheer the man from Aso villa.
Lets honor our leaders.
For thee greatleadership.

Amidst the crowdy nation.
Amount youth like seashores.
Among them lies browe of creativity, cruelity and home of talents.
These I know well that I belong.indeed my gene

Dear time; hope you are in steady motion towards the end of age?
How is your mother-eternity?
How is your trip so far?

Weep not bravehearts
wash not the swril of thy face.
The sunward souls of thee brave departed
The reign of time as the ancient tyriant..

In the dream I dreamt a dream.the woman of the crested isle era.
In the sail of my tour, the ship is of pure crystal gold.
The sea of glassy drizzling waters, the waves were splashes of diamond thunders.
Faires were our Crewmates, the captain is a Cherub and of love.

Anthony Onoja Biography

Born into the family of Mr and Mrs. Godwin Onoja Okojokwu of Ameju-Idobe, Okpoga, the heart land of the legendary Idoma Kingdom located in Benue State Nigeria.
He attended St.James Secondary School Odessasa Ugbokolo 2002-2008 from hence he proceeded to Study Statistics BSc. Hons in the University of Jos, Nigeria 2010-2014. He is a First Class graduate of Statistics. He obtained his post graduate Master Degree MSc in Statistics from the Pan African University and Jomo Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya. He is currently undergoing his Doctorate degree PhD in Data Science Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy. He is a passionate poet, and love arts, Science and creativity. He is a man with deep sense of humility, an advocate for equality who truly belief in the power of the pen, fate and destiny.

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Paradise Never Lost

I once heard that sound which gladden the chambers of my heart
I remember the images I saw through the windows of my gray soul
They were the imprint of my soulmate, that queen I sang for many ages
That Ochanya, the Ihutokum whom I can dance ogriyan and Omagbae
Triumph with drums and trumpets to praise her beauty all night long
She is pure from hate, full of unimaginable love, beauty and grace
She is one in a billion, a teardrop in an ocean, a gazelle in the wild
Her beauty outlive the lilies in Kanji Dam, like the mountain flowers
Full of light, hope and kindness, perfect as though made from stars
From the very soul of her creation she is design to make me happy
How can I forget your walking strides, your magnificent chest
Humble like the flocks of David in the downtown of Judea
Harbor by time we will outlive this tale and make our paradise seats
With our names craved on fainted tablets we will forever stay young
We were nightmares that forged into reality, paved by chaos of time
We rises out of dust to build our empire crown by love, hope and bond
When all men goes to sleep we will be forever remembered
Like the tale of a dying god, a hero and a paradise never lost..

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Anthony Onoja Quotes

1) History cannot be told in the absent of today 2) when books are open we discover that we have the minds of our writers and great thinkers of yesterday..... 3) It takes much to constitute a man, yet it takes but a seconds to end the works of all eternity abound...... 4) Last days are time when the gods becomes weak and dying, therefore I say to you oh mortals that yee are gods of these last days. 5) Living forever is a title, reserved for great men 6) When you rise you discover that you are tall, when you sit, you becomes cripple and dependent for sight. 7) I hate death because it curtail life, but I love it because it transform men into realm of greatness... 8) Mortality is a prison of limitation.... 9) Legends are made not born 10) Time itself is but an instrument of death and deceit

The Storms of life are like variance; the hurdle of this world are skewed sometimes it seem to take a kurtosis look, but remember that these attributions are main to slide you into your tomorrow.

Give me time and tide and I will make an SPSS model of this world. for life is a categorical tale told by some Statisticians (Fate, Destiny, time) full of uncertainties but signifies nothing....

Live life to fullest is an idea of those that think time is a friend in a world when all that man was deprived of is time to live it to fullest

Then they sit with their shadows facing sideways the way their ancestors once sat, so is life in the sand of time.

When we gaze through the stars, we gaze through the circles of life

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Anthony Onoja Popularity

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