Anthony Onoja Poems

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Paradise Never Lost

I once heard that sound which gladden the chambers of my heart
I remember the images I saw through the windows of my gray soul
They were the imprint of my soulmate, that queen I sang for many ages
That Ochanya, the Ihutokum whom I can dance ogriyan and Omagbae

Tell The Unborn Generation

Emma, remember the Land where we came from
The City where men hit their chest with pride
See, they have no love for Him who made us
Who called the heavens and all its might

A Cry For Freedom

Those that ran the race but never came back
They that saw the other side of life
They that get lost in the monstrous trip to green land
That hope to see the other part of life in Hollywood

We Grew Into Today

Cold and dainty, fixed in the edge of thoughts
Who thought we will come this far?
When we sat at the years of yesterday
In the memories of how little we grew in life

Free At Last

Dark and lonely is this side of life
Soon we shall not remember the freshness
On the other side of life where men are born free
What is life that we cannot let it go?

Oneness In Our Togetherness

Today we come so calmly in the iron streets of life
Offering the promises our long-aged fathers made to humanity
Seed and souls are blessings from the God of creations
This we know for we bored the marks of his creation,

When Is So Bad To Be True

It is all a gig
So good to be true
Like the truce of marble
it rumbles in earth and blood

Green Is Bae

They lose their rage up on us
Higher into the clouds we burn in flames
Africa the home of dwindling gods
Full of diversity but lost her root

Voices Of Hope

Ours were willed to fate and faith
Others came as though we came
Like those fallen bricks of hope
Come let us sit and sing aloud

Pride Goes Before The Fall

Seem like a diva in shadows of her pride
Swindling the wind drawn in estate of lies
You will climb the high heels of amorous prey
Then you will remember humility is a gift

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