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Oustine Hao Poems

1. A Cursed Blessing 1/16/2007
2. Prosthetic Tears 1/17/2007
3. The Start The End 1/20/2007
4. Why? 1/26/2007
5. Biting Back 1/26/2007
6. Fur Nina 2/4/2007
7. Slow Down 2/4/2007
8. Thank You 2/4/2007
9. Spring Equals My Death 2/4/2007
10. Scapegoat 2/19/2007
11. Siren So Loud 2/22/2007
12. Friendly Enemy 2/22/2007
13. Fake Was 3/1/2007
14. Thinking 3/18/2007
15. The Three Headed Okapi 2/17/2007
Best Poem of Oustine Hao

The Three Headed Okapi

A three headed okapi was sad.
The three heads were each, oh so mad.
Each head wanted a different way.
This would not be a very good day.

Dear head one wanted to go left.
Shy head two was, oh so deft.
The last one was mean and only went right.
Oh, it was going to be a very bad fight.

All at once they wanted to move.
Crash, bang, crash that did not improve.
Oh, they really wanted to go.
In one direction they did not flow.

They yelled all night till a lion came.
Now they knew it was not a game.
It looked like it weighed many an ounce.
And ...

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