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First Frost

Down the Northwest Angle cross the brow of the Boundary’s claim
The northern wanders with no less purpose, than what it brings
Toward the River Valley from off The Mighty Range
In days gone short of purpose, it’s time for premonitions and lore

Lost In Consequence

You could have been whatever I yearned
But the words were never cared
I fell short in so many ways
Countless crosses I must bear

Willow (Revised)


Gentle quiver on that luminous verge
The echo of your beauty twice seen


Communing in the corners
Under chairs and desks where the neglect remains
Vagabonding cross windows with the light to guide your way
It’s the stillness that’s your solace

The Wedge (Revised)

The Wedge

Tapered edges opposed in form
A mordant face to drive it home

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Pablo Cruise Popularity