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A Lonely Road Is That I Walked
I walk a lonely road, the one and only one I' ve ever known.
I don't know where it goes, but I keep walking on and on.
I walked the lonely and un trodden road for I was walking on the bridge
of the broken dreams.
The dawn that day rose
Just as the mist of the night
Subsided like a foam descending
To reveal clear water ahead
Seasons 4 U
I came into this world upon his command.
when I had stepped down, Winter had set in.
It was shining like the angel of the chill
giving off a dazzling hue that was penetrating
I was thrown away to fend for myself in the stars unknown. Yet, there is no light there. You promised that eternity would not tear us apart. Yet, here I am, uncared for. I wanted to share my being with you. Yet, time after time, you refused me. Maybe I need you too much. Maybe you are my survival. I don't know why I still want you.

The light of the full moon is dull, for your face is not there to emphasise it. The glory of the sun is gone in waste, for you are not there to reflect it. You say it is only a matter of time. I ask, what is time? What is meaning in this world now.
No Words For This
For once, looking out with pure eyes, sticking out my tongue to lick my lips, I feel happiness.The shimmers run down my spine for this alien feeling tickles.
Unmet Dreams
I wanna sit there, talking to you for all eternity, looking at you.
Why do you think it is still so when you've got greater priorities?

I know you feel not the same way. Yet, I know not why I crave your company so much. You made me feel like never ever before.
When I See You
I have always walked forth, not wanting anything more than what I had already had. I did not need anything at all. I had scoffed at everyone when they said that my life was incomplete

That was till I had met you. You were the only one who had ever raised the felling of loneliness in me. you were the only one who ever made me realize that my life was always incomplete; and had always been.
Does She Know I Am There? I Doubt.
You are beauty personified. You are charm solidified.
Without you, darling, it is a moonless night. I shall go to the ends of the world with or without a fight to seek you forever. Does it matter if the infinities crumble?
Does it matter if the worlds tear apart? You are the only one important to me, darling.
Tired Sick.
When you don't have something that is what is everyone craves,
Then the trouble begins in waves. '
The clock loudly and soundly does tick
While you get tired sick.
Grief? No, Dejection.
It was when everything was happy, plunged into the the waves of joy'
When this life seemed to bear nothing more to me in this life, that it began when i thought that it was all i could demand.

You were there for me till the end, or so I thought.

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