Be Kind

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sometimes our hearts should not beat alone
it needs someone whose presence
speaks to our grief, someone whose words
touches our souls already lost
in a hollow full of rotting creatures
dancing in a billion-blooded sea

sometimes, alone, it seems deep inside
shoals are rimmed howling
rioting against surrounding scenes

does it take courage
to love and love sincerely?

Ghadeer Shakra 08 May 2006

I loved the poem really.. Sometimes my heart beats alone .. sometimes beats with many other people... both feelings are enjoyable for me.. and I believe love is there waiting for every body.. and I promise you.. I will be kind ;)

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***** ********* 27 April 2006

I don't think so Padmore, I believe defending your loves, and indeed rebuking them when you see things going wrong, comes naturally. I have been doing it all my life and they are my first priority. I am a mother but I don't think that makes a difference. Maybe things are different these days and courage to dive into loves embrace is required more, but even so, anything can be overcome with loving encouragement.imo. I am enjoying your work. 'Be Kind', is a good title to develop the courage for love. 10 again from Tai

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