Pamela Davison

Pamela Davison Poems

1. Evolution 7/22/2005
2. Rise 7/23/2005
3. A Quarters' Way 10/23/2005
4. Inheritance 8/8/2005
5. Still 8/12/2005
6. Intuition 8/13/2005
7. Expanded 7/21/2005
8. Substantial 7/21/2005
9. Panoramic 7/22/2005
10. Tribute 12/15/2005
11. Southern Exposure 12/15/2005
12. Communion 7/24/2005
13. Devoted 7/24/2005
14. I Think 7/24/2005
15. Emancipated 7/23/2005
16. Sigh 7/25/2005
17. Bird 7/27/2005
18. All 7/27/2005
19. Fluent 7/27/2005
20. Love Thyself 7/27/2005
21. Unlocking 7/25/2005
22. The Notable Oak 7/25/2005
23. Ironies And Absurdities 7/25/2005
24. Ineptitude 7/26/2005
25. Reckoning 7/26/2005
26. Ancient Voices 7/29/2005
27. Triviality 7/29/2005
28. Convicted 8/8/2005
29. Opposing Lines 10/8/2005
30. Weighs The Truth 7/23/2005
31. Surrender 7/24/2005
32. Expression 8/15/2005
33. Futile 8/21/2005
34. Transitory 8/23/2005
35. Metaphoric Richness 9/25/2005
36. Altruistic Ponderings 10/1/2005
37. Faith 9/16/2005
38. A Pink Floyd Shakedown 10/23/2005
39. Apprentice 7/23/2005
40. Amethyst 7/23/2005

Comments about Pamela Davison

  • Max Reif (7/26/2005 9:07:00 AM)

    Pamela, I've read a number of your poems after initially feeling thrilled by 'Panoramic' and quite impressed by 'Substantial'. I found beautiful things in 'Communion' as well, and 'Supreme Gift'. And the prayers you've written, like 'Beauty Way', have great dignity and beauty. I also found dignity of expression in the well-titled 'Ironies and Absurdities', in which your sentence structure is so clear and direct, though as I suggested in a note I wrote you, I also see more redeeming features balancing the ridiculous materialism you describe. Who knows why I feel impelled/inspired to read and comment on so many of yours.
    I find nuggets of gold in your poems. If there's a suggestion I might make (after so much praise) , it is that sometimes your lines tend to feel a little impersonal or abstract to me. There's no way to force it, but I want to see/feel a little more intimacy in your work at times.
    My very best wishes for your continued unfolding in the Beauty Way, as a poet and a human being.

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Best Poem of Pamela Davison

As Soon As I Get There

I can see through
The soggy afternoon,
Your words inspired
By ancient pines,
Sapping laughter,
And mining ingenuity.

Paper amusement,
Midnight pens,
Pause only for a moment,
To let me in.

I am nothing more than a mirage,
A psychedelic relief
Expressed on a napkin,
Then soaked in the marinade
Of memories
Not belonging to me.

Certified dreams,
Moonlit poise,
Pause only for a moment,
To let me in.

I’m half-naked,
A bellowing delight
In proof of Emerson’s
Wildest imaginings,
And once again, ...

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Indignant wounds of disappointment
Fortify this world of walls,
But she is indomitable
And will not be destroyed
By contrived hopelessness.
No, she cannot be deterred.

Watch her tear at ominous barriers
In spite of admonition,

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