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As Soon As I Get There

I can see through
The soggy afternoon,
Your words inspired
By ancient pines,


Open wide, my sisters.
Prepare your hearts
To make welcome the light
That would ask us

Beauty Way

I am present in the energy of this moment,
An instrument manifesting sacred duty
Without attachment
For what does not belong to me.

As It Should Be

I saw you today,
In the wild brown eyes
Of a doe. She studied me
With an intensity I've never known

Ten Thousand And One

I have counted
Vigorous regrets -
Ten thousand and one,
Measured them

Pamela Davison Comments

Max Reif 26 July 2005

Pamela, I've read a number of your poems after initially feeling thrilled by 'Panoramic' and quite impressed by 'Substantial'. I found beautiful things in 'Communion' as well, and 'Supreme Gift'. And the prayers you've written, like 'Beauty Way', have great dignity and beauty. I also found dignity of expression in the well-titled 'Ironies and Absurdities', in which your sentence structure is so clear and direct, though as I suggested in a note I wrote you, I also see more redeeming features balancing the ridiculous materialism you describe. Who knows why I feel impelled/inspired to read and comment on so many of yours. I find nuggets of gold in your poems. If there's a suggestion I might make (after so much praise) , it is that sometimes your lines tend to feel a little impersonal or abstract to me. There's no way to force it, but I want to see/feel a little more intimacy in your work at times. My very best wishes for your continued unfolding in the Beauty Way, as a poet and a human being.

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