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Within myself, I feel something stirring...
I feel the presence of some anonymity,
the work of some unknown force,

Arise! whilst feeding on the ultimatum,
the wrath of the unsatisfied, looking up at what’s not humane
through the veils of light, Oh! Let thy kingdom begone!
Turn to dust, and then fly off with unresolved fears

Roads and tires
faces without traces
hundreds of emotions
I'm passing in a blur

Have you ever seen a rainbow
really up closer to your face
yet a bit out of reach and blurred
that you cannot easily touch it

I consider myself…
as vast as the empty skies
and soft as the bright moonlight
as deep as the blue oceans

They said I'm bizarre, blunt and ruthless
when I was seeing myself through the mirror
and then the fortune stormed in and spat
and blamed me for what I really am

A lonely traveler stood frozen
up on the highest peak, the apex
of a floating, sullen iceberg
in an isolated sea of nowhen

They are getting clearer.
The moments are suggesting,
you go on
without looking back.

I'm being frozen
by the bubbling fears
and the hissing emptiness

One day, one night and on another light
in a singular life or maybe through a circle of ‘em
danced distant memories, cherished and valued
and beyond the lurking horizons and borders

My strongholds are melting
roots are falling
I'm trying to keep up the shields
but still I'm failing

Since the beginning of time
there was you, and I
and of course him
(We can not leave him out of this, can we?)

Smiled a few dew drops, sparkling
splashed on the already wet ground
thrown off the thin pine leaves, that
sway to the rhythmic early breeze

All of a sudden,
Heaven fell down on me
and when you spoke
I felt content, and my heart,

This pain inside,
it decides to reside within
within every single millisecond
that I think of trying to stay away

The colors fell slowly
on to the rusted Earth
for yet another day went by
with a mischievous smile

Here's to the times being unfair
to the spontaneous choices that one makes
as for you only live once… not twice
here's to those wise words they said once…

Where was here
when I traveled back
in search…
in need of hope…

They keep adding complications
More and more each and every time
Say they want us
Then breaking us apart

Yet, I feel lost…

In a labyrinth with too many crossings
intertwining and running towards the same way

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Writer, creativist, penciller, screenwriter and founder/co-owner of Minaacus (http: // and Bomeetspixel Pictures (http: // . An electro-shockster at Duckdog. (http: //

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Within myself, I feel something stirring...
I feel the presence of some anonymity,
the work of some unknown force,

In comparison, I feel I'm still, and still...
like the calm sea before a storm,
like the silenced forest before a predator,

Deep inside, upon my inner eye, flashes...
the darkest and the yet to be discovered,
the hidden and the deepest depths,

In Retrospect, I get a feeling, like...
I'm missing the most important keynotes,
I'm letting all these facts pass me by easily,

They say, I worry too much, yet...
I know, the waiting is far better than rushing,
holding my ground is better than falling back,

In circumspection, I know, whether...
time will run towards the day of final judgement,
the earthlings'll see the sun on the newest day,

That way, I find it easy, to follow...
the self-righteous ways of the absorbed truth,
the self-imposed rules of the disclosed mind,

Thus, One day, in the future, not very far...

In conception, I'll look straight at you, and shout...
I've seen the depths of the most unforeseen of all,
and I've found the best way to end this enchantment,

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