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Im That Kinda Girl

Im that kinda girl
that has big dreams
Im that kinda girl
that have friends that believe in me


dymestic violence is no joke
its like a drug or a simple hug
you cant let go
others ask why

Heart Broken: (

im an ordinary teenager
on the earth
i feel like no one feels my pain
or seem to care when im hurt


llove llove llove
the one thats above
the friends who got your back
anytime youre in need of hugs

Wonder How

i lost my best friend
temptation of me crying will soon end
high school is the one thing i love
new friends, new late bells that rings above i'll leave the past behind

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hey its passion im not going to write out my whole life story. im just your adverage teenage poet and have big dreams for her future.with hopes to travel the world.

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