Im That Kinda Girl

Im that kinda girl
that has big dreams
Im that kinda girl
that have friends that believe in me
Im that kinda girl
that doesn't take no mess
but though im stressed
from living this teenage life
Im in love with a city in which i stay
its called atlanta
and when im far away i call just to say hey
im that kinda girl
plans her future as she goes
Im that kinda girl
that is often in her own world
yep im that kinda girl

Beth A 21 March 2009

I really like this. It really pictures the kinda person you describe and I can totally relate to it. Good work, keep it up!

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Eyan Desir 16 April 2009

Good write I enjoyed this poem

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Hannah Miller 31 March 2009

amazingg. you have skills. you dont speak from your mouth and brian you use your heart. thats way better than any of those.

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Juneil Sechico 27 March 2009

very honest piece! keep writen fella!

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Londiwe Buthelezi 25 March 2009

passion is all you need in life, sweety, and you've got's a really sweet poem too

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Adam Dumais 22 March 2009

I like it it says that your a strong willed person and I respect that -Adam

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