Heart Broken: (

im an ordinary teenager
on the earth
i feel like no one feels my pain
or seem to care when im hurt
my life is so complicated
but lifes what you make it
even if that means only having 4 people
to know that you can always lean on
my mother and father are not in my 4
instead they dont care
they say im too grown
but i say im misunderstood
the thoughts of not being trusted is just cruel
but these are the top two that always makes me cry
and some i dont know why
now to the people that i can lean on
(are two of my best friends, my uncle, and my great uncle)
there are always there when i come to them
to descibe how the others lack in care
there are more words i can say
but right now there unspoken
im a teen age girl
that eversince her 6th birthday
she's been

'Heart Broken'

Delicate Heart 03 May 2009

very nice poem.................written eloquently........rated ten....

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hey gal, what a sad poem. if its you who is going through that, dont worry you will be k and things will turn out right at the end. i am also on the same picture. i cant get that love and care that i need from my mom.

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