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your lifespan is very short,
But your lifestyle is exemplary,
With timing that is near to perfection,
There is never a trace

Loving you has not been easy,
There were times when it was quite hard.
Good times, bad times,
I've seen them all in your eyes.

All you asked of me was to be able to love you,
But this I could not do when forces so strong
Can turn love to hate. Was this then my fate
To watch you die, knowing it was too late.

Things may not be the same as they were,
And may never be the same again.
But the time was, when you looked into my eyes,
I heard your sighs, and I knew it could never be.

Dark evenings, unremitting rain,
Constant wind blowing.
My heart mourning the passing
Of summer, wistfully dreaming

Early morning, spirits soaring
To see your promise of Spring.
Daylight dawning, showing
Green shoots that soon, very soon

Is it me you leave each morning
With face so plain and hair so free?
Do you really know who is me?
It is the receptionist who offers you coffee

I approached you warily,
They said you were a creature of mystery.
You stood there like some Royal Majesty,
A coat of velvet hiding a will of iron.

This then is your life
A fully fledged stay at home wife,
How comfy, how warm,
Central heating at the stretch of an arm.


I love you Joanne, why?
Because you are what I am
The why, the where, the how,
All of these things

I have thought deeply, cried and denied
That I needed you by my side,
I can make my way without friend or foe,
Leave me to get on with things I know.

Yes, daughter mine,
We have reached the time
I knew would come
When all the work,

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I am 71, I now live in Tarleton, West Lancashire, England. Widowed, I live alone, and have always enjoyed writing poetry, and now short stories too. I had quite a few poems published in the 70s. but none since. I would not class myself as a Modern Poet, but write when I feel inspired, not too classical, it's just my own style that I am comfortable with. I have joined Poem Hunter because I enjoy reading other peoples work, and very often you can learn and understand more about the craft of writing poetry.)

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The Kiss

your lifespan is very short,
But your lifestyle is exemplary,
With timing that is near to perfection,
There is never a trace
Of how short your visit may be.

Your ever-searching flight
Is gentle, almost as if caressing
The pollen with some Holy Blessing
You need to make your journey light.

Your delicate wings, so transparent
I observe with wonder, and lament
To think how vulnerable you are.
But still you travel far
Now you are gone from view.

I sit and wonder how it must feel
To be a flower with pollen sweet,
Knowing I have only to sigh
And I shall receive with grace
The gentle kiss of a butterfly.

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