Learning About Love Poem by patricia Northall

Learning About Love

Loving you has not been easy,
There were times when it was quite hard.
Good times, bad times,
I've seen them all in your eyes.
And there were times when
I saw nothing at all
But a wall, that seemed to get higher
Making me feel like a baby
Learning to crawl
To reach the you I once knew.

There are so many different faces,
One for anger, one for love,
And the one that reaches way up above
Where I can touch.
Then I have to start again
To reach my heart that you have tried
So many times to open wide.

Like a flower in the spring
Or the bird upon the wing,
The time is right, at last tonight
I will know once more
The easy loving, and uplifting feeling
That comes just like breathing.

But like the flower whose petals must fall
And the bird who travels too far,
The need has gone,
You are no longer there inside my heart
To set it free.
You have closed your eyes,
I can no longer see the face
That tells me
We can't win every race.
Just a voice in the dark
And a hand in mine...

These are the bad times,
But are they yours or mine?

Thursday, March 20, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: Love
I write of a time when loves first dream, and hopes together become reality, and the need for a deeper understandingbetween two people to find once more the joy and passion that camejust like breathing. Then the understanding about love can bequite awesome.
Terry M 10 April 2014

Good job, your words reach out and draw me in.

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Kanav Justa 23 March 2014

, , , a very sad sad poem, , , wonderfully written, , ,

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Valerie Dohren 21 March 2014

Beautifully written Patricia, and very poignant. Great stuff.

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patricia Northall

patricia Northall

Warrington, Cheshire
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